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Dead Rising 3 Walkthrough: Chapter 1

by Bryan Dawson

Chapter 1: Made in America

After the cinematic, move forward between the two cars, hold RB and press A to combine the two vehicles. Head toward the location marker in your new vehicle. As you get close to the Quarantine Station, you’ll have to get out of the vehicle because the path is blocked.

When you reach the gate, press B to initiate another cut scene. It’s time to take out some bikers. You need to defeat 10 of the bikers to complete this mini-boss fight. There are several guns on the ground, as well as Molotov cocktails. If you’re using the guns, you can use precise aim with LT, or just face the general direction of the bikers and fire the gun to aim at them. For Molotov cocktails, get close to the bikers and wait for them to stop, then throw the cocktail. You can also press the left analog stick in (L3) to dodge the bikers.

Whatever you do, don’t stay in one spot for too long or else you’ll get pummeled with cocktails from the bikers. If you take damage, there’s a ton of food on the ground to replenish your health. You should start looking for food once you get down to about 50 percent health. If you wait any longer, you’ll risk dying.

Once 10 bikers are down, you’re treated to a short cut scene, followed by a boss battle against the gang leader. The boss charges you in his custom ride. Dodge the charge using the left analog stick, then attack while he’s turning around. If you have any guns remaining, use them as soon as the boss passes you. Otherwise, quickly run after him and attack as much as possible until he revs the engine back up and starts another charge. After a series of attacks, you can get close and press Y and B to grab the leader Once grabbed, hit him several time by pressing X, then finish the combo with Y.

Take down the gang leader to complete the chapter and earn the blueprint for the Rollerhawg.

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