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Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough and Guide: How to Beat the Scorpioness Najka

by Bryan Dawson

Continue your journey with Prima’s Dark Souls 2 Guide and Walkthrough!

Reward: Scorpioness Najka Soul

Rush toward the boss and immediately attack her while she’s stuck in the sand. If you linger at a distance, she uses powerful ranged magic attacks, which can be difficult to avoid. Attack her a couple of times, then back away as she bursts out of the sand. If you’re too close, you will take damage as she emerges. 

Najka uses a few attacks that are relatively easy to evade or block. If you’re good at evading magic attacks, stay at maximum range and evade her magic projectiles. If she gets close, continue to back away. If you’re a melee character, stay just outside of her melee attack range. She uses a three hit combo that starts with two attacks from her mandibles, followed by an attack with her spear. Block the two mandible attacks, then evade her spear and counter with several attacks of your own. 

When her tails wiggle, back away to avoid being caught by them. If you’re caught, they drain a significant amount of health. However, while both tails are stuck in the ground, she is vulnerable to multiple attacks. 

If she goes underground, stand on any of the stone pieces sticking out of the sand. There is a large piece near the corner, but any of the stone slabs will work. If you remain on the sand, she bursts from the ground beneath you, inflicting significant damage. 

She uses this same attack pattern throughout the battle. However, you can cut off both of her tails. When this happens, she uses more magic attacks. If you’re not skilled at dodging these attacks, make sure you aim your attacks at Najka’s body instead of her tails. 

Defeat the boss, then head through the doorway in the corner and up the stairs to the Door of Pharros.

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