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Dark Souls 2: How to Beat the Duke’s Dear Freja

by Bryan Dawson

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Reward: Soul of the Duke’s Dear Freja

At the beginning of the battle, several spiders attack. Unlike most boss battles that feature ancillary enemies, do not attempt to take out all of the spiders before engaging the boss. Freja doesn’t give you much time to focus on the other spiders before it engages you with attacks that can drain a significant amount of your health bar, if not kill you in one shot. Take out one or two spiders (more if you’re fast enough), then focus on Freja to ensure you’re not about to get hit with an attack. 

Freja attacks from the heads on either side of her body. Only one head is active at a time, so the best strategy is to move close to one head, then as soon as it flinches, make a beeline to the other side to attack the dormant head. By repeating this process, you avoid almost all of Freja’s attacks. The only attacks you need to concern yourself with while using this strategy are the beam of light and jumping attacks. 

The beam of light covers nearly 180 degrees in front of the head that initiates the attack, so you have to move quickly to the other head to make sure you avoid the attack. It cannot be blocked, and it’s difficult to evade, so your best bet is to get behind Freja when it executes. The jumping attack doesn’t happen as often, but it’s also difficult to avoid. Your best bet is to run under Freja and dodge when she’s about to land. 

If you see any spiders as you move back and forth between the heads, take them down quickly and continue on the target head. When Freja is down for good, finish off any remaining spiders, then pick up the Great Soul at the end of the area. 

Head through the opening at the far end of the area. When you reach the room ahead, sneak up behind the Duke and take him out with a single critical hit from the back. He drops a Brightstone Key, Fragrant Branch of Yore and a Dark Quartz Ring +1. Continue through the next doorway and into the large room ahead. The enemy that attacks is very slow, making it easy for you to get around behind it for critical attacks. Defeat the enemy, then light the primal bonfire and head back to Majula.

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