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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Walkthrough – How to Navigate Downtown

by Bryan Dawson

Read Prima’s complete Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 walkthrough.

Summon the wolf, then head to the left and follow it into the darkness to reach the Downtown area. Replenish your magic, then head forward into the parking garage. There are several random items that can be destroyed here to earn a bit of experience. If you’re lacking in experience points, destroy all of the random objects, then head into the elevator door on the left. 

Walk out of the elevator to initiate another cut-scene. When it completes head out of the room and to the right. At the end of the hall turn left and activate the elevator. Head out of the elevator and defeat the enemies ahead. Just beyond the initial location of the enemies, use a Chaos Bomb, then a Void Projection to clear away the debris and the initial flames blocking the doorway. Use another Void Projection on the water sprout to the right to clear the remaining flames. 

Head through the newly cleared doorway and activate the elevator ahead. Defeat the enemies that appear when you depart the elevator, then head down the stairs and continue forward. There’s a Pain Box behind the structures to the right, but you can’t access it just yet. 

Go up the next set of stairs, jump over the debris, and continue forward. Off to the left is a small corridor, but you won’t gain anything from heading there just yet. Jump over the gap in the bridge and take out the enemies beyond. At the end of the road climb up the wall on the right and access the Pain Box at the top to obtain a Chaos Gem.

Drop down and head back in the direction you came to find a burning car on the left just ahead. Jump over the burning car to reach the area just beyond. Transform into a rat in the darkness at the end of the room, then run toward the entrance and into the vent.

In the room at the end of the ventilation duck, head to the corner to transform back into human form. Run up the fallen book shelf and scale the wall to reach the floor above. Go through the opening to the left and drop down to the ground below. Behind the dumpster is another Memorial, grab that then head out of the area. 

Take out the enemy and head around the corner to the right to jump down to the area below. Defeat the enemies, then head up the stairs and to the left. Jump over the hole in the ground and defeat the enemies in the far right corner of the next area. 

You need to climb up the wall behind the dumpster, but before you can do that, use a Shadow Dagger above the generator to the right. This disables the electricity so Dracula can safely climb the wall. When you reach the next room, head into the door to initiate another cut-scene. 

Head through the doorway and to the right, then smash open the door just ahead. Go left and scale the wall to reach the next room, then use the darkness to transform into a rat. Go through the two vents, ignoring the Pain Box for now, then drop down through the floor and head into the room on the far right to transform back into Dracula. 

Defeat the enemies in the adjacent room and replenish your Void and Chaos magic in the room on the far side, then head down the stairs and engage the two enemies at the bottom. Use the Chaos Claws to destroy their shields so you can take them out easier.

On one side of the room is a generator, on the other side is a flame trap. Switch to the Void Sword and use Void Projections to douse the flames, then Access the Pain Box beyond the flames to obtain a Void Gem, then turn the wheel near the entry way. Interact with the generator on the other side to restore power, then head through the newly opened doorway. 

In the next room, go through the opening straight ahead and scale the wall. When you reach the top, turn around and access the Pain Box at the end of the room to obtain a Chaos Gem. Head into the room on the opposite, then continue to the right. Defeat the enemies that spawn, then head up the stairs. Don’t forget to destroy all of the random furniture and other junk in the area to find items and experience points. 

Go up three flights of stairs and jump over the gap to find another Memorial on the left, then head straight and through the doorway to the left. Jump back over the gap and continue straight. You’re now back where you originally entered the building. Head into the hallway on the left, and defeat any enemies that spawn. There’s a Memorial on the far right, and the room on the right contains the Pain Box you passed earlier as a rat. Examine the Pain Box to obtain a Life Gem.

Continue down the hall and into the elevator at the end. Head through the doorway, then jump down onto the roof below. Several enemies attack, and when only one remains a short cut-scene begins, followed by a battle against three Riot Police. They have shielding that must be destroyed with the Chaos Claws when they take a defensive stance, and when they fly into the air, dodge away from them to avoid the coming area attack. Beyond these precautions, this is a standard enemy encounter.

Defeat the Riot Police, then head through the newly formed opening in the wall. Go right and scale the wall at the end. When you reach the top, interact with the Pole of Sacrifice to the right to obtain another Kleidos. Drop back down and head into the hallway at the far end on the right.

Examine the lever to restore power, then head down the stairs. Jump down to the right and take out the Riot Police below. Head down the street, opposite the direction of the main mission, and jump into the alley at the end. Up the stairs to the left is another Memorial. 

Go back in the opposite direction and through the hole to the left at the end of the street. You’re now back in the area where you first entered the facility. Head up the ramp, then to the left and activate the hatch. Continue through the tunnel, then drop down into the open area below. To the left is another Memorial, and to the right is a ladder that leads Dracula closer to his objective. 

Access the Memorial, take out the Riot Police that attack, then climb the ladder. Replenish Dracula’s magic at the top, then continue through the tunnels until you reach the staircases below. Head up the stairs to the right, then circle around to the right to find a doorway. Don’t forget to destroy all of the random objects for experience points and items. 

Use a Chaos Bomb at the end of the hallway on the left, then access the device to open the door ahead. Head through the door and to the right, then jump down to the platform below. Go right and jump down to the next platform below to find a Pain Box that holds another Chaos Gem. 

Continue down the hallway, jumping over the broken areas of the path. Engage the enemies along the way, then go either direction at the fork (they both lead the same way). Take a left at the end of the hall to find a Pain Box that holds another Chaos Gem. This should be your fifth Chaos Gem, increasing the total capacity of your Chaos Magic. 

Head back the other way and jump across to the large mechanical pillar ahead. Watch out for the electricity and gas that crops up as you climb. Wait for both to go out before you attempt to climb past these areas. If you get hit by either, Dracula falls. 

When you reach the top, head around the circular area, then jump across to the walkway. To the left is a set of steel girders that lead to a Map Room you do not have access to yet, but make note of the area for when you may need to teleport back here. Follow the walkway to the end, jumping over the gap, then climb the ladder to the left. Continue climbing up the side of the building, then over to the ladder on the right, and finally up to the next walkway. 

At the top several Riot Police and other enemies attack. Take them down as you make your way to the left. Jump across the broken street and take out the remaining Riot Police. Circle around to the other side, replenish Dracula’s magic, then head up the stairs to the right and past the statue at the top to find a Pain Box that holds another Void Gem. 

On the other side of the statue is a small platform that Dracula can jump down to. Jump over the railing of the staircase to reach the platform, then continue stair (opposite the stairs) to find a Memorial. Use Chaos Bombs on the door ahead, then continue into the next room. 

Access the panel near the entrance to activate the lift, then climb up the ladder to the left after you exit. Wait for a rail car to get close enough, then jump over to it and make your way around to the front or back of the car. Do not jump on top of the car or you will get hit with electricity. Do not stay on the side of the car or you’ll hit the railing.

When the car turns to the right, wait for another car to pass under it, then drop down. Once again, move to the front or back of the car and drop down so Dracula is hanging. After you pass under the first electrical platform, move back up to the top of the car and wait for it to pass the electricity below. Hang from the front of back of the car again, until you see a platform below. Drop down to the platform, then climb up and access the Memorial on the right.

Head through the large doorway and drop down the hatch inside. Move to the end of the hallway and drop down once again, then access the wheel at the end to open the door. Head through the door and drop down again, then hide behind the containers ahead. Wait for the guard to move to the right wall, then use a Bat Swarm to distract him. When the other guard comes over to investigate, run behind him and use Dracula’s Vampiric Possession to take control of him. 

Walk over to the switch to the left of the door and access it. Head through the next door when it opens, then use another Bat Swarm to distract the guard ahead. Use the distraction to reach the ladder to the right, then climb up and make your way around the right side to the walkway. 

Make your way across the walkway to the right, then wait at the top of the ladder for the guard below to walk all the way over to the gate on the far side before you drop down. Hide behind the large pillar in the middle until the guard moves back around toward the gate on the other side. While he’s walking, run up behind him and use Vampiric Possession to take control of his body. Do not do this when he stops or Dracula will be spotted.