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Call of Duty: Ghosts Walkthrough – LOKI

by Prima Games Staff

The attack on the array was successful, and the assault team is ready to breach the Federation space station. You’re controlling Sergeant Thompson, also known as Icarus 1-2. Follow your squad and take out any of the Federation targets that you see. Move forward as instructed until the fuel lines explode. Follow 2d Lt. Collins and keep working your way through the enemy astronauts. When you get the all-clear, set the charge and breach the control room. You’ll enter in a slow motion breach sequence, so pick your shots carefully.

Take over the control console and release the payloads. Use the drone targeting system to direct the incoming missiles towards large clusters of enemy troops. Make sure not to hit the train that Logan and Hesh are on. Just keep targeting the enemy clusters and waiting for more instructions. When the last of the large enemy build-ups are down, you’re told to target Logan and Hesh. In fact, they gave the order.


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