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Bloodborne Hunter’s Dream Walkthrough – Tiny Music Box, Father Gascoigne Boss Fight

by Prima Games Staff

Our Bloodborne Hunter’s Dream walkthrough covers everything in Hunter’s Dream, as well as the Tiny Music Box and the Father Gascoigne boss fight. To kick things off, arrive at Hunter’s Dream and look left at the now standing doll. Walk over to it and chat to level up using Blood Echoes. Now go right and pick up a gift from the Messengers, the Silencing Blank and Beckoning Bell used to call Hunters in Bloodborne’s multiplayer.  Since this is a single-player walkthrough, ignore these for now and go into the building where you can upgrade and repair weapons if necessary. When finished, go back to the Central Yharnam lamp. 

Central Yharnam 

Go left and through the gate down two staircases. Now travel down more stairs in the left corner to discover two Brick Brutes. Do whatever it takes to separate them so you can battle one Brick Brute at a time. You’ll get three Shining Coins from one of the corpses, and these useful items allow you to illuminate dark locations. 

Go down the stairs and you’ll see a switch, but you cannot interact with it yet. For now, remember where it is and take the stairs on the right. Now go left and take the staircase on the right. You’ll find a body with a Coldblood Dew. From here, go back down those stairs and then down the next bunch of stairs in front of your hunter. Surprise, there are some Hounds in cages. Wait too long and they’ll break out, so make sure you kill these enemies before they get that chance. 

Now that the Hounds are dealt with, travel to the lower area and be on the lookout for a pathway on the left, right before a bridge. Although you’ll have to kill another Hound, there’s also a dead guy with a Coldblood Dew. Take the bridge and look for a red lantern. There’s a door nearby, so walk up to it and knock. The woman inside wants you to find a relatively safe area for her to go. For now, make note of this door. 

Go down the stairs on the right and then the next staircase.  You’ll encounter a Hunchback, a creature with far-reaching attacks. Remain patient until it stops attacking and go for the death blow. 

Go down the stairs into the room. Turn right and slowly approach the Hunchback. If you did your best Solid Snake impression you should be able to surprise the creature with a Charge Attack and kill it relatively quickly. Unfortunately you’re not alone. There’s a Henchman with a rifle that will attempt to make life difficult, but you shouldn’t have much trouble dealing with it.

Go to where the Henchman was and pick up the Coldblood Dew from the nearby corpse. You’ll see a doorway and there’s a Hunchback standing in your way. 

In the next room are two rifle-wielding Henchmen, and to make matters worse, a Hunchback. There’s a ladder near the entrance, but kill all of the monsters before using it. If you crave more loot, there’s a body on the left side of this room with a Coldblood Dew. Once you have it, travel down the path away from where you entered. 

During your travels you’ll run into four Crazed Crows. Kill these feathered adversaries and then angle the camera downward to spy a body below your hunter. Drop down (there’s no threat of death) and collect the Blood Stone Shard. Now return from where you originally dropped down from. 

Explore the bridge on the left, then travel back to the side you began on. Go right and run into two more Crazed Crows and some boxes. Kill the Crows and then smash the crates to reveal a body with two Oil Urns.  The room is now clear. Go to the ladder at this area’s entrance, then climb down. 

Face the ladder and take a left through the corridor. You’ll enter a room infested with Giant Rats. We think these guys are as weak as the Crazed Crows, but they have a nasty habit of performing jump attacks. Since this room has elevated floors, there’s a decent chance some of the rats will fall onto you, so be on guard. 

When you reach the end of this corridor, you’ll dispose of two more Giant Rats and then take a Madman’s Knowledge off a body. 

Return to the area with the ladder and keep right on walking. Near the end of this path are two ladders on the right. Take the ladder on the right and you’ll find some Crazed Crows. Kill these pests and collect the Madman’s Knowledge off the dead body to acquire Insight. From there, travel in the opposite direction across the bridge to mix it up with a Club Brute. He’s basically the same as a Brick Brute but with a stronger weapon. Take the stealthy approach and attack from behind. 

For giggles, knock on the door to hear from the woman, then go right and up the ladder to interact with the level and open the gate. Now go left and chat with the kid near a red lantern. She wants you to find her mom, and will give you a Tiny Music Box if you’re up to the task. 

Turns out, this gate leads you the courtyard where you encountered the first Brick Brute; another shortcut! Take the ladder down, travel across the bridge and then down the ladder to the right. This takes you to the place with the two ladders we mentioned a few paragraphs ago. Take the ladder on the right and you’ll run into some Undead Crawlers. Attack head on or turn up the heat with a Molotov. Pick up a Bold Hunter’s Mask from one of the dead Crawlers, then grab 10 Quicksilver Bullets from a body close by. 

Travel along the waterway in the other direction. Beware the Crows attacking from above and Crawlers lurking in the water. You’ll eventually go down some stairs and have to deal with even more Crawlers, but they’re no match for you at this point. With them gone, take the short hall on the right, kill another Crawler and take the Blood Stone Shard from the dead person. 

Continue exploring the waterway and you’ll see a ladder on the right. The tunnel ahead looks mighty tempting, but hold off for now and take the ladder. 

This will lead you to a doorway and a lever that when pulled puts the lift in motion.  Give it a pull to bring the lift down, then take it back to the balcony where you encountered a couple of Brick Brutes. 

The stairs here will take you the boss fight with Father Gascoigne. Similar to the Cleric Beast, you can proceed to the battle or spend a few minutes collecting more items. The choice is yours. We hoard loot, so let’s get all the good stuff, shall we? 

Tip: If you continue across the bridge a boulder will suddenly appear. Prepare yourself and find some good cover.

OK, ignore the boss for now, go back down the ladder and to the tunnel. There’s a Crazed Pig near the end that will charge and attempt a bite. Wait for the creature to charge and then take it down by side stepping behind it and unleashing a Charge Attack. 

Killing the Crazed Pig will give you two Blood Vials. Pick these up and return to the tunnel, in search of a room with two corpses. Loot the dead people to score a Coldblood Dew and Saw Hunter Badge. Resume traveling through the waterway and you’ll discover a tiny opening. Go through this tight squeeze and up the ladder on the right.

This is where the boulder comes from. There are a couple of enemies nearby (a Brick Brute and Henchman), so kill them first and then take the stairs on the left. Kill the Hunchbacks and search the nearby corpse for two Bold Hunters Marks.  There are some stairs on the farthest side of this area. Go up these stairs and continue walking straight ahead until the cut scene begins to play and boss fight officially commences. 

Boss Fight with Father Gascoigne

  • Beat Father Gascoigne to receive the Oedon Tomb Key 

The dangerous Father Gascoigne uses your own attacks, so expect to be on the receiving end of combos and blasts from his firearm. Hit him twice and then dodge the incoming blast, then repeat this process while taking a moment to replenish lost stamina.

Remember the Tiny Music Box you found? Pull this out and use it to cause Father Gascoigne considerable pain, but there’s a bit more strategy to doing this correctly. Not only must you be close by, but also avoid taking damage. We suggest using it after avoiding one of the Father’s attacks. 

While he’s writhing in agony, quickly run behind and hit him with a Charge Attack and critical strike. Repeat this process two more times and Father Gascoigne will attempt to improve the odds in his favor by turning into a hideous monster; this happens at roughly 50 percent health whether you use the Tiny Music Box or not. Following this grand metamorphosis, you can only use this item one more time. Then it’s junk.

We have good news and bad news. First the good news: Father Gascoigne lost his firearm and cannot interrupt your combos. Now for the bad news: he delivers brutal claw attacks and is significantly more aggressive. 

When he attempts to hit you with his claws, move out of reach and wait until he goes through the motions. Don’t travel too far or he’ll attempt a jumping attack, forcing you to dodge out of harm’s way. Instead, remain close enough so you can get behind him and bring the pain. You can also put the gravestones between the two characters, but Father Gascoigne’s impressive attack range nullifies this. 

Conversely, you’re able to go up the stairs and continue the fight while on the balcony. However you go about it, so long as you avoid the claw swipes and then counterattack, you’ll eventually send Father Gascoigne to the grave.

You survived this long. Head back to our full single player walkthrough for Bloodborne, or continue to part 3 and battle the poisonous Blood-starved Beast.

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