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Batman Episode 1: Realm of Shadows – Chapter 4 – World’s Greatest Detective

by Prima Games Staff

When Bruce arrives at his manor at the onset of Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 1: Realm of Shadows – Chapter 4 – World’s Greatest Detective, you’ll speak with Lieutenant Gordon. The game immediately throws some choices your way. We couldn’t help but let him do his job, but were curious as to what he expects to find. You’ll learn that Mayor Hill was behind the investigation. Because it seems sketchy, we stated the mayor is corrupted.

As Gordon makes his way out, Bruce will notice a photo collapse on the floor. Grab the broken photo to initiate a dreadful cutscene. Vicki Vale arrives and interrupts.We chose to be nice to her. She makes a proposition of helping Bruce with the mob scandal, which we appreciated. It’s too early to guess who’s involved with scandal, but we went with our gut feeling and stated Falcone had a role involved.

Choose your words wisely next. You can give Vicki a quote, and allow her to go on the record, or refuse to do so. As always, it’s up to you, but we found giving the quote to her the reasonable option. The quote options basically have you play the innocent victim or a manseeking justice.We wanted justice. After Vicki sees her way out, you briefly talk to Alfred, and then the story shifts to Café Triste.

You’ll meet up with Harvey at the café. More choices are thrown at you. Harvey was responsible for Falcone’s appearance at the manor, so we thought it was his job to fix it, and that he owed Bruce an explanation. Falcone still seems like a fishy character, so we mentioned his name and suggested to Harvey we stay together.

Things get interesting when Selina Kyle shows up. Considering it’s obvious she’s Catwoman, you can jokingly make your secret identity clear. Being truthful is what we did; apologizing about her eye, and having our own reasons as to why Bruce Wayne has a second identity. Selina will take note of this. Tension will soon rise when Selina requests her drive back – we offered to help in return for her trust. The conversation will end with Selina giving you an address for her client: the Eastside Docks. Enjoy the cut scene.

At the Eastside docks, you gain control of Batman again.Follow the on-screen prompts to open the doors to warehouse. The warehouse is a straight bloodbath. Your goal here is to investigate the crime scene. Examine the scorch marks and human remains on the ground. The game will note you can link examined items together. All you have to do is observe the same evidence again to associate the two with the cursor.

Once Batman uploads his theory, you’ll need to further investigate. To your right, examine the dead officer holding a white rose. Did Falcone have a play in this? If you continue right on the screen you’ll discover some more corpses. Check on the dead mercenary with the clawed-off face. Now that’s disturbing. Search his pocket to find a set of matches with “Skyline Club” written on it.

Your next row of business is to examine the corpse of the burnt cop nearby. Observe his head for a closer view, and Batman will equip a drilling tool of some sort. Follow the on-screen prompts to insert the device into the corpse’s head. Move it right with the analog stick until the device indicates a red light. Then pull out the incendiary bullet found inside by pressing A or X. When done, make sure to examine the corpse’s bloody hands as well.

Make your way to the other side of the room and examine the remaining evidence in the warehouse, including all the corpses and the shipping container door which you can pry open. Inside the container you’ll find a canister fragment. Examine it to find a bullet hole. The last crucial piece of evidence you’ll find is the unscorched area on the central part of the floor near some tire marks.

The idea here is to link two pieces of evidence together and upload a theory as before. Only certain items pair up with each other. Make sure to break the link after connecting two items so you can move onto a new set. Follow the list below to solve this riddle.

  • Ripped-off Face and Bloody Hands
  • Incendiary Bullet and Canister Fragment 
  • Blast Epicenter and Unscorched Area

Once Batman connects the pieces together, you’ll need to locate a sniping point. You have three grapple points you can lunge to: the two sets of stairs on either side, or the shelf above. Grappling to the shelf didn’t give us any evidence, but the left-side staircase revealed some clues. There, you’ll find some handprints of phosphorus residue. Examine the handprints on the wall and the cigarette if you’d like, then follow the trail of residue a little ways to locate a clue on the railing beside you. You will soon discover the shooter. Be ready to dodge his bullet as you approach him.

It’s time to interrogate the sniper. You can be subtle, but we chose the aggressive route and ended upbreaking his arm. It isn’t long before Gordon and the GCPD arrive. You have the option to stay and speak with him, or flee the scene. We chose to be a good citizen momentarily and give Gordon the information, and he took note of our apology that we had to. No matter the climax, Batman escapes the scene.

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