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Assassin’s Creed Unity Sequence 7 – Memory 3: Confrontation – Bellec Boss Fight

by Prima Games Staff


  • Use staggering strike five times
  • Don’t get knocked down

Investigate the Trail

To complete your first objective, rely on your Eagle Vision, using it to help Arno spot the trail of the assassin that killed Mirabeau. When you finally reach your destination, you’ll stand outside Sainte-Chappelle, the place where this journey all began.

Find the Murderer

Continue to use your Eagle Vision to spot the path the killer used to climb the building. This will quickly deliver you to a balcony on the building’s south side.

Confront Bellec

Before you begin your boss fight, there are two challenges you should be aware of. The first is that you need to deliver five Staggering Strikes, something that will require you to unlock the skill in order to be possible. The second and far more difficult challenge is to not let Bellec knock you down. This is done by effectively using the dodge button. If you see him drop his shoulder to charge you, roll out of the way. This won’t just help you complete the challenge, it’ll probably save your life.

There are four stages of this fight with Bellec, and as you might expect, each one is a bit harder than the last. We have a great strategy to help you through, so for the first few rounds, you’ll want to avoid using your Smoke Bomb. If you’re not sure when each stage ends, they are separated by a scripted event and a cut scene.

For the first stage of the fight, simply get a feel for what Bellec is doing. Make use of your Perfect Parry, knocking him off balance and delivering some wicked strikes. In fact, when your opponent is stunned, you might want to consider holding the attack button down for a little extra damage in your favor. When the scripted event rolls, the first wave is over.

It may seem like it’s early, but if you have a Smoke Bomb, you may want to consider using it to kick off the second round. It’s not that the second round is hard, it’s just that this will stun Bellec long enough that you can assault him with vigor, quickly bringing the second round of the fight to a close. If you would rather save the Smoke Bombs, fight your foe, noticing that he is somewhat more aggressive than the first time out.

We opted to start round three the same way we did round two, and that’s with a Smoke Bomb. This may not get you all the way through the stage, but it will allow you to do a serious amount of damage to Bellec, making this fight much easier than it could have been. If you don’t have Smoke Bombs, just fight him.

Kill Bellec

It’s round four that you really need to be worried about, as Bellec will now disappear by using Smoke Bombs of his own, and when he returns, he can kill Arno with one strike. This is where Elise is key. Listen to her voice, and when she tells you to watch out, use the dodge button to get out of the way.

Aside from Bellec running away and attacking from the roof, the fight is the same as it was before with a bit more aggressiveness on his part. If you still have some Smoke Bombs, these can help you make the fight far easier than was intended. In fact, hitting your adversary with only two Smoke Bombs should be enough for Arno to string two combinations together and end the battle.

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