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Assassin’s Creed Unity Sequence 7 – Memory 1: A Cautious Alliance – Defend Elise

by Prima Games Staff


  • Three enemies incapacitated with Stun Bombs
  • Three headshots

Follow Elise

As soon as you take control of Arno, you’ll want to follow Elise. This is very simple at first, only requiring you to walk, then just slightly more difficult when she starts to run. When you finally reach your destination you’ll complete your first objective.

Investigate the Workshop

You’ve been in this building before. It’s the one where you dealt with Germain back in The Silversmith. In fact, you’re headed straight back to the room where you first spoke to him in the cut scene.

Defend Elise

As soon as you walk through the door, you’ll want to turn around and take cover. From behind you there will be an Extremist and a Seeker, the latter of which can be a real pain to deal with. From your position, allow the Seeker to approach the door, then take him out with a kill from cover. In fact, we did this with the Extremist as well.

The problem with our approach is that we killed two of the three people we needed to disorient with Stun Bombs, and didn’t use any Stun Bombs. You can skip the challenge as we did, or you can hit the Seeker and Extremist with a Stun Bomb as they enter the room, then take them out. With that done, repeat the process for the assailant that Elise is fighting on the other side of the room. However you choose to approach the situation, when all three are dead you’ll trigger a cut scene.

Kill the Shooters

The final part of this memory has you killing five shooters, and if you hope to complete the challenge you’ll need to shoot three of them in the head. This should be absolutely no trouble since you can’t really see much of them besides their heads anyway.

Snap into cover along the wall, then pop out and start shooting these foes in the brain. Just take note we were credited with a headshot before we even got our first kill. Apparently it was the rare headshot flesh wound.

Keep tabs on your challenge in the bottom left hand corner of the screen, but beyond that, just continue popping out of cover to snag a headshot, then moving on to the next target. When all five of your foes are dead the memory will be complete. Nice shooting, assassin.

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