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Assassin’s Creed Unity Sequence 1 – Memory 3: High Society – Infiltrate the Palace

by Prima Games Staff


  • Don’t get into conflict

Go to De La Serre’s Office

As the memory begins, you’ll make your way to the top floor and approach the door to De La Serre’s office. Feel free to spend a few moments poking around to see if there’s anything of value you can pick up in this area.

Leave the Letter

You won’t even see this objective except for when it’s complete. It’s accomplished when you walk up to De La Serre’s office door and leave the letter. You’ll get the notification this is done after an extended cut scene.

Infiltrate the Palace

This objective begins when the previous cut scene ends, and like before, you have two ways you can approach this. If you want to blend in with the crowd, you can  work your way around the right side of the blue tent, then cut left when you see an open window on the building’s side. Again, the fine people at Ubisoft didn’t give us the ability to climb walls for nothing, so we turned left from our starting position, scaled the side of the building and snuck in through the window. It doesn’t matter how you approach this, just go through the window.

Find Elise

We thought we would be smart and head back outside, then climb in through another window that was closer to our objective marker. The problem is the windows are all closed for now, meaning you have to work your way to Elise by going room to room.

It’s here that the game will teach you something about stealth navigation. Pay attention to this, then start working your way through the rooms along the only available path. You’ll come across several guards, but if you use your Eagle Vision and study their movements, you’ll find that each one gives you an opportunity to sneak past. You’ll want to keep a low profile here as any conflict will cause you to fail the challenge for this memory.

After exiting the building by way of a balcony and enduring a short cut scene, feel free to walk among the guests without fear of detection. Keep an eye on your mini-map for any points of interest, and don’t hesitate to poke around to see if there are any items of value. When you’re ready, make your way through the linear series of rooms until you complete your objective.

Follow Elise

As it turns out, the early parts of this game have you following this Elise lady quite a lot. The upside is it’s normally a fairly simple objective, like right now. Walk through the crowd and follow Elise until you trigger another cut scene.

Sneak Out of the Palace

When you finally regain control of Arno, you’ll want to drop down to the ground level and immediately use your Eagle Vision to spot the locations of the nearby guards. You’ll have to go through the building, but like the last time, your foes will always give you an opening to sneak past without entering conflict. Utilize your stealth movements and cover options, making your way out of the Palace to trigger the final cut scene of the first sequence.

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