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Assassin’s Creed Unity Dead Kings DLC – Sequence 13: Memory 5 – Under Lock and Key

by Prima Games Staff

Investigate the Market

Your first objective of this memory will start off like many others, tasking you with moving to a specific location that is marked on your screen. When you arrive in a shaded area, use your Eagle Vision to spot a target and complete your objective.

Tail Napoleon’s Lieutenant

Our favorite place to tail people from is the rooftops, and it just so happens there is a challenge that asks you to get three rooftop kills. Head up to the top of the building where your target passes through a tunnel, then use your sneaky assassin skills to kill two guards who are up there. This leaves only one more for you optional objective.

Your target’s path should take you to the post of another two guards, and since killing only one is silly, finish your optional objective by scoring your third and fourth rooftop kills. Honestly though, you can get about 10 as you’re tailing the Lieutenant.

Tip: If you can’t see your target consider popping into Eagle Vision to keep from failing the memory. As long as you are close enough line of sight shouldn’t matter much.

Sneak Into the House

Easy enough. Just drop down and swing into one of the second story windows, then use your Eagle Vision to keep tabs on your target and listen to his conversations.

Chase the Soldier

Head back out the window you came to and start the process of running down the soldier. When you catch him, engage in a battle that will end when you deal a certain amount of damage. At that point you’ll get the information you were looking for and complete your objective.

Find the Raider’s Hideout

You’ll now have an objective marker on your screen that shows the location of a stairwell. It’s a restricted area, but you’ll be approaching from a nearby roof and should have no trouble sneaking in while the guard’s backs are turned. Once you’re inside, however, there will be several Raiders lurking about, as well as one of their leaders. Remember what we taught you in previous missions – take out the leader to make the rest scurry away. Continue descending into the tunnels until you find a lone guard at a bridge, completing your objective.

Sneak to Napoleon’s Chest

You need to make your way across the bridge and through the tunnels, but the path is far from clear. There are many Raiders in the area, at least two of which are leaders. Your best bet here might be to take the leaders out with a well placed Phantom Blade headshot, and it just so happens you need two to complete an optional objective. Fancy that.

Unfortunately, many more Raiders (and a few leaders) will line the path to your objective. Our suggestion is to use a combination of stealth, but make taking out the leaders a major priority. This can be done with Phantom Blades, Berserker Blades, or even giant explosions from your Guillotine Gun if you find yourself swarmed by the large number of enemies. Either way, work your way through the caves until you reach a locked gate.

Tip: There is a chest near the locked gate that contains some of the Raider’s loot, and stealing its contents will create a riot and aid in your infiltration, should you wish to do things the sneaky way.

Move through the gate and access the chest to trigger a cut scene and complete your objective.

Escape the Area

Depending on how you chose to get in, getting out might be easy, or it could be just as hard as it was to reach Napoleon’s chest in the first place. If things went horribly wrong on the way in (like they did for us) there should be lots of dead bodies to step over on your way out, but that’s about it. Either way, backtrack the way that you got into this mess in the first place, then escape the shaded area to complete the memory.

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