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Assassin’s Creed Unity Dead Kings DLC – Sequence 13: Memory 2 – The Book Thief

by Prima Games Staff

Investigate the Windmill

Your first objective will be more than 300 meters away, but there’s nothing special about the trip. Just make your way there by road or by rooftop, then roam around in the shaded area until you overhear two men talking about an intruder in the tunnels.

Find the Entrance to the Tunnels

If you haven’t already done so, climb to the top of the windmill and have Arno synchronize, then drop down into the hay cart below. Your objective should be displayed on-screen as a marker, sitting approximately 70 meters to the southwest. There are several guards between you and that point, but certainly nothing like you endured in the previous memory. Sneak your way there and interact with the door to complete the objective.

Find Leon in the Underground Tunnels

You’re headed down into the tunnels, and your secondary objective would like you to avoid conflict. As always there’s a path that will allow that to happen. Also worth noting is that stealth kills don’t count as conflict.

Take the stairs to the right of your perch overlooking the tunnels, sneaking up behind a guard who faces the wall and taking him out with a silent assassination. To his right is a path that leads you in the direction you want to go, completely bypassing the bulk of the workers below.

The bad news is that the tunnel you need to pass through is occupied by two guards, along with several more to their right. The good news is that you can double kill these guards and just continue on your way, still maintaining your optional objective. With the guards down, duck into your next doorway on the right (there will be a worker facing away from you), then climb a wall near a chest. This will lead to a tunnel that will complete your objective and trigger a cut scene.

Save Leon

This is a pretty straightforward portion of the mission. Just kill everyone that attacks you. This should present itself in two waves, one with two guards and another with three. When everyone is down you can free Leon from his cage to complete your objective.

Follow Leon

Follow your little friend through the tunnels and enjoy the conversation. When you reach another cut scene you’ll be given the Guillotine Gun, a beautiful device that will allow you to melee your enemies, or blow them up with a makeshift grenade launcher. As you continue on you’ll find a huge group of foes (of course), and a great opportunity to try this gun out. When the bulk of the forces fall, approach whoever remains and finish them with melee strikes, a perfect opportunity to score an optional objective for five perfect parries.

You’ll have to continue to follow Leon for quite some time, but only one area is full of enemies. You can easily stealth your way through this, or assassinate the odd foe to create your own path. Continue along until you get an updated objective.

Tip: We say it a lot, but Berserker Blades are an incredibly effective resource. If you need to thin out the enemy numbers before heading through, fire one into the biggest dude you can find and have a cup of tea while you watch the chaos unfold.

Activate the Two Slabs

You need to activate two plates in order to progress. One of them is located high above the room, but the other is simply sitting on the floor underneath a pile of rats. Climb to access the higher up plate, then drop down and activate the one on the floor.

Find a Way to the Surface

Once both slabs are activated a gate in the middle of the room will lower and allow you to pass through. From here you can jump to the wall on the opposite side and climb up. Once you reach the surface this objective will be complete.

Find Leon

The only thing that complicates this task is trying to avoid the Extremists who populate the area. The good news is Arno has excellent climbing skills and can avoid the trouble by heading to the rooftops. Once you’re at an elevated height and relatively safe position, make your way to the objective marker on your screen. This will trigger a second cut scene and complete the memory.

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