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Assassin’s Creed Unity Dead Kings DLC – Sequence 13: Memory 1 – Buried Words

by Prima Games Staff


  • Don’t get into conflict
  • Cover kills

Find the Royal Crypt

Your first objective should be marked on the screen just under 200 meters away. There is a secondary objective or challenge that requires you to stay out of conflict as well. Either walk along the street using your Eagle Vision to spot potential trouble, or get to the rooftops and travel to the waypoint above any possible areas of concern.

When you start to get close to your objective there will be a courtyard that is crawling with guards, and even a point where you can synchronize if you haven’t already done so. You can make your way through the courtyard to find a couple points of entry, but neither one gives you a particularly easy path to the ladder that you want to access on the east side of the building. What you could opt to do instead is go into an open window on the southeast side of the building, delivering you just a few feet from the ladder that you’re attempting to access.

Once you make it to the bottom of the ladder it should be a straight shot to a door, and after passing through it your objective will be complete.

Find Louis IX’s Tomb

This is easy enough given that you’re all alone in the basement. Just walk around and check each of the tombs until you trigger a cut scene. For what it’s worth, his was in the back room, but we also took the time to open up a chest in one of the side areas.

Chase the Militiaman

This is another straightforward chase sequence where you need to try and tackle your target. The worst part about this is not getting stuck on the doorways as you try to pass through them. Either way, after a short time your target will fall off a small cliff, allowing you to collect the note from his body.

Find a Way to the Surface

There are two ledges that overlook the pit you’re in right now – the one you jumped off to get here, and another on one of the side walls. You want to climb up the one on the side wall, but first you need to complete the mini tutorial that shows you how to light and operate your lantern. When that’s done, climb up and make your way through the dusty rooms until your objective updates.

Light the Braziers

It doesn’t get any simpler than this. Approach the two braziers and light them with your lantern. If you’re low on oil, refill it with the jar to the right. Either way, refill when you’re done so that you’re topped up. When you’re ready to move forward, head through the now open door.

Go to the Abbey

You should find yourself in a room full of bats, which is a good indication that you need to go to that particular area. To clear out the bats you’ll just need your lantern active, then make your way along the platforms and wall until you can climb all the way up. This should bring you to another jar of oil to refill your lantern, as well as an open doorway that leads into darkness and water.

Luckily, you’re not going into the water, but rather jumping on the wall on the other side of it. From here you’ll want to climb all the way back up to the daylight, then make your way to the objective on your screen to progress to the next portion of the memory.

Find the Library

Finding the library is easy enough considering it’s marked on your map. It’s getting in there without having to fight 15 guards that’s the challenge. You’re also dealing with a secondary objective that wants you to get two cover kills, and there are plenty of hay carts sitting around to pull this off without much trouble, should you want to.

Tip: Keep in mind that you have Berserker Blades (as well as others) that can be highly effective in areas with many guards. Hit one enemy with a blade, then watch them fight their friends to the death. This will often clear (or at least thin) out the path forward.

You’ll find there are two doors that lead into the library, one which requires you to pass by several guards and walk the length of the room, and the other which is closer to the desk and is only guarded by two men. We’d suggest the latter, even trying to score a cover kill or two to completely clear the path. Either way, it’s here that this objective ends, even if you have to battle your way in.

Get Dom Poirier’s List

After finding the library your objective will update and require you to get your hands on a list. This is done by approaching and interacting with the desk, something that can only be done if you’re not in conflict. Either stealth your way here, or kill everyone in the room and walk around like you own the place. The choice is all yours since retrieving the list will trigger a cut scene.

Escape the Abbey

Simple enough. Either stealth your way out of the shaded area on your mini map, or run past all the angry enemies until you’re safe. This is no different than pretty much every other memory that has asked you to escape an area. Basically, run away and don’t get killed to complete the memory.

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