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Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Sequence 9: Shall We Dance? – Steal Mr. Gladstone’s Invitation, Kill Crawford Starrick

by Bryan Dawson

The time has come for you to beat Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and meet the Queen. The final showdown with Crawford Starrick is at hand, but you’ll have to work a bit to reach him. The optional requirements for the reward bonuses are also a bit more challenging, so be ready to put in the work throughout this sequence.

Double Trouble 

For most of this memory you need to avoid killing policemen to get the bonus rewards. Head to the waypoint, which is the Gladstone’s house. When you arrive, move on to the next waypoint, which is a young girl standing in the doorway. Speak with her, then head to the next waypoint, the location of Mr. Gladstone. It’s pretty far away, so you may want to grab a nearby carriage to make your journey a bit more manageable.

When you arrive, grapple up to the rooftop and activate Eagle Vision so you can see the position of Gladstone and the police officers surrounding him. Your task is to steal Gladstone’s invitation, which can be found on the table under the big tent. If you move over to the roof of the small building east of the target object, you only need to worry about two policemen. One patrols the area north of the table, and the other patrols the area west of the table. Once both of them look away from the table (and you), quickly drop down and steal the invitation.

Depending on the timing of the patrols, you may have to drop down when the coast is clear, then move around the table as the guards continue to patrol the area. Once the guards are no longer looking at the table, snatch the invitation. Once you have the invitation, you need to steal Mrs. Gladstone’s invitation.

Move on to the next waypoint to find Mrs. Gladstone surrounded by police officers at the train station. Grapple up to the rafters to avoid detection and follow Mrs. Gladstone until she’s alone. Once she sits on the bench, drop down onto the train car behind her and sit on the other side of the bench to steal the invitation. Now all you need to do is leave the station and head to the next marker to the northwest, which is Mrs. Gladstone’s carriage.

Hijack the carriage and drive to the final waypoint to complete the memory. If you wish to secure the bonus reward, do not damage the carriage. Normally you can play Grand Theft Auto: London and bash up the carriages as much as you like, but just this once you need to drive carefully.

Dress to Impress

Speak to the man sweeping the street, then head to the top of the nearby St. Martin Church. Search for royal guards, and when you find one (automatically), head down and knock him out. If you wish to complete the optional objective, you cannot kill anyone during this process.

The royal guard in the middle of the restricted area on the south side is the easiest to target if you don’t care about the optional bonus rewards. Grapple to the top of the building and locate the guard, then drop down behind him while he’s away from the guards and knock him out. Loot the body to obtain the uniform, then hide the body in the closest hiding place.

If you wish to complete the bonus objective, target the royal guard patrolling the northwest corner. This is the easiest place to knock out the surrounding policemen and get the guard into a carriage once you steal the uniform. Select another guard and you’ll have to deal with considerably more policemen, with carriages much farther away.

Once you’ve placed the royal guard in the carriage (or hidden the body), head back to Abberline to complete the memory.

Family Politics

Grapple up to the rooftops and head over to the target area. Do not drop to the ground of the courtyard area if you wish to secure the bonus rewards for this memory. Instead, use a voltaic bomb or hallucinogenic dart on the horses to spook them into running out of the courtyard, then hop in the carriage and ride to the next waypoint, making sure the carriage doesn’t sustain more than 50 percent damage throughout this memory (another optional reward requirement).

Once you’ve picked up Duleep, head to the next waypoint, which is the location of the first politician. Your next stop is Victoria Station, but you only have 90 seconds to reach your destination, so caution and speed are necessary. You don’t have to go quickly or boost to reach the station in time, but don’t get held up by anything either.

After dropping off the first politician, head to the next waypoint to pick up another. Be careful entering the park, as the path is a bit narrow and you need to ensure the carriage doesn’t take too much damage.

Your next destination is Parliament, and once again you have 90 seconds to reach it and you don’t need to rush so long as you aren’t delayed by anything. Once you’ve dropped off the politician, you need to head to Mr. Gladstone’s residence, then on to the gentleman club. This time you have two minutes and 30 seconds to reach your final destination with Duleep. All you have left to do is return the carriage to the next waypoint, then escape the area.

A Night to Remember

Follow your sibling into the ballroom, then steal a key from the designated key holder (marked by the green icon) guard if you wish to complete the optional bonus objectives. You need to reach the second floor, but if you enter the White Drawing Room using anything other than the key, you won’t get the bonus.

Once you have the key, wait until the guard is out of sight of the other guards and kidnap him. Head back inside and make your way upstairs toward the next waypoint. Make sure you walk slowly past the guards blocking your way upstairs so you don’t draw their attention. When you reach the room adjacent to the White Drawing Room, knock out the guard and use your key to enter the room.

Collect the plans from the item box, then head back downstairs (don’t worry the guards are gone now) to watch another cut scene. After the cut scene, you must take control of Jacob and head to the roof to speak with Abberline and get your weapons back. If you get spotted, you can go inside and head upstairs, then instead of going into the room with the plans like before, head south (the opposite direction) and then out the window to the left. From here, climb up to the roof to reach Abberline.

Move into the closet-like area to retrieve your gear, then you have three minutes to kill all six snipers along the rooftop. You can double assassinate many of them, but you have plenty of time to kill them all. Make sure you start with the snipers in the rear so you aren’t spotted.

Your next task is to find and kill the 16 imposters. If you wish to score the bonus rewards, free all of the royal guards in the process. If you free the guards first, you only have to engage a few enemies and then you can let the rest take out each other with hallucinogenic darts. However, given the sheer number of enemies, you may have to fight a few as well.

Once all of the enemies are down and the guards are freed, head up to the roof to signal Evie. After a brief cut scene, take control of Jacob and head for the vault entrance. Make your way down the stairs and through the corridor, then climb out the other side to reach the waypoint.

All you have left to do is kill Crawford Starrick, who is directly ahead. Approach Starrick for another short cut scene, then you find yourself in control of Evie again. This time you have less than four minutes to reach the waypoint. There are a few enemies in the way, but they are easily dispatched. You have time to sneak up and assassinate them, but you can take them head on without issue.

The final battle against Starrick consists of you alternating between the siblings, running through the final chamber and attacking Starrick. Whenever you have to run through the chamber, watch the patterns on the beams of light. The first few times you can simply run along the side to avoid getting hit by the light. However, once it starts covering the entire width of the chamber you need to watch for the holes and run or grapple through them as necessary. You can get hit twice before desynchronizing, so you have a little leeway.

When fighting Starrick, do as much damage as you can until you get a mini cut scene. Starrick attacks during this time and you need to counter with Circle (PS4) or B (Xbox One). Occasionally he will also attack one more time as soon as the cut scene completes, so be ready to counter that as well. Repeat this process multiple times to defeat Starrick.

Congratulations! You completed the main story. Now head to the Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Walkthrough and Guide to find all of the collectibles. If you need interactive maps, check out the Official eGuide.

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