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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Walkthrough: Raid on Oscorp – The Shocker Boss Fight

by Prima Games Staff

Your first objective is the Oscorp Tower, indicated on the map. Climb to the top and use your Spider-Senses to locate four gangsters, a couple of which have guns. Be sure to use your Web-Pull to disarm them, helping you avoid damage and making it easier to defeat them. When the last bad guy falls, head over to the site of the crashed helicopter and once again use the Web-Pull feature to gain entry into the building.

Follow the on-screen prompts to navigate your way through Oscorp, finally coming to a spot where you will get the option for a Stealth Takedown. These are almost always the best option, helping you thin out the opposition before engaging in large-scale battles.

Continue to make your way through Oscorp. It’s impossible to get lost since you’re always given a clear objective and on-screen instructions to help you along. When you reach a room with several thugs and some hostages, think about sticking to the upper pipes and performing a few Stealth Takedowns. Of course, either way the battle isn’t too intense, so deal with the bad guys however you please and go about rescuing Max Dillon.

Enter the conveyer and take the ride down to an area with three objectives. Approach each one, using the Web-Pull mechanic to activate the coolants. When you’re done, Spidey will find himself between a rock and a hard place, with two rival gangs about to battle it out over some prototype weapons.

There are now four new objectives on your screen, each one a prototype weapon. You can either button mash your way through, defeating the enemies as you seal each of the devices, or you can use the new Stealth Takedowns your learned to go about things quietly. Either way, there’s possibly a dozen or more bad guys here, but none of them present much of a threat to Spider-Man. Take them out in any manner you prefer, triggering your first boss fight when the fourth device is sealed.

How to Beat Herman Schultz – The Shocker Boss Fight

Since this is the first boss fight of the game, it doesn’t test you too much. The formula for beating Herman Schultz, also known as The Shocker, is fairly simple. When you see him charging up to attack, make sure to use your Evasive Roll to put some distance between the two of you. If you’re too close, he can do a lot of damage, even killing you, something we found out the hard way.

When The Shocker isn’t busy attacking you, mix in some offense of your own. His health bar should go down fairly quickly, eventually triggering a brief cut scene in which he elevates three platforms. Use the Web-Pull feature to lower each platform, attacking Herman as he falls to the ground. Continue to do this until his health bar is empty and he is defeated, bringing an end to the boss and the mission.

Next up for Spider-Man is Part 5 – Day of the Hunter.

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