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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Walkthrough: My Ally, My Enemy – Kraven Boss Fight

by Prima Games Staff

The mission kicks off with you heading to Harry’s apartment, launching another interactive chat that won’t impact the story. When you finally leave the apartment, your objective will ask you to fight crime in Manhattan, so choose something on your map and go be the superhero we know you are.

Before we could solve a crime, our objective updated, so we opted to head straight back to Harry, this time in our Spider-Man suit. After a brief conversation, it was on to the main part of the mission.

Head to Kraven’s apartment and rummage through things until you find the man you’re looking for, before waking up in Central Park.

Defeat Sergei Kravinoff – Kraven the Hunter Boss Fight

The first part of this fight is all about timing. Make sure you avoid Kraven’s attacks, countering when the on-screen prompt tells you to. After inflicting a bit of damage, Kraven will summon what he calls ghosts, slightly upping the difficulty.

Use your Web Rush and Web-Pull to take out the ghosts, prompting Kraven to take cover in the trees. Utilize your Spider-Sense to find his location, then your Web Strike to attack him and bring him back down to the ground.

This process repeats several times, mixing in ghosts each time you knock him out of the trees. Take out the ghosts, then go after Kraven for some melee attacks. When he retreats back into the trees, use your Spider-Sense again to quickly find him. If you take too long, he will ambush you from above, dealing big damage in the process.

When Kraven the Hunter finally falls, you’ll have another interactive conversation to push through, then it’s on to Part 11 – The Kingpin of Crime.

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