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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Walkthrough: Maximum Carnage – Carnage Boss Fight

by Prima Games Staff

When the mission begins, head to the bridge and meet with the police officer before moving on to the Ravencroft facility.

Start things off by dealing with the Brute, armored guard and inmates right in front of you. The Seismic Blast is helpful here, stunning most enemies and allowing you to subdue them with your web. When it’s all clear, save the civilian.

Continue to travel to each objective, saving all three civilians marked on your map. Each location will be littered with bad guys, but nothing out of the ordinary that you haven’t dealt with before. When you are clear of the last objective, it’s time to save Donald Menken.

You’ll find Mr. Menken surrounded by inmates. We had the most success using our Seismic Blast. It will stun several foes at once, allowing you to walk up and subdue them. It is very important to make sure Mr. Menken remains safe. Luckily, there’s a handy bar at the top left of the screen to keep you informed on his condition. If he gets surrounded, fire another Seismic Blast into the pile to buy yourself more time.

Once he’s safe, have an interactive conversation with Donald Menken, then take him to the parking lot where he’ll be safe. Head back inside and to your next objective, entering Ravencroft.

The first room you enter has a big steel cage and an electric current on the floor. There are several opportunities for Stealth Takedowns, just be mindful of the drones. Also, there are a couple guards in a room along one of the walls, so be aware of them when taking out the bad guys on the ground. When the room is clear, enter the cage and gather up the Audio Log.

Use your Web-Pull to create an opening in the wall. Head through and start making your way from one objective to another, avoiding the flames (you can Web-Pull to turn them off) and using your Seismic Blast on the creatures sticking out of the wall. When you finally reach Cletus Kasady, it’s time for the last boss fight of the game.

Defeat Cletus Kasady – The Carnage Boss Fight

The first part of the fight involves Cletus running at you and exploding. Just make sure to Evasive Roll out of the way, then Web-Pull him to you and melee the guy. Also pay attention to the levers around the outside of the wall. Web-Pulling them creates fire that will massively hurt your opponent during this fight.

Soon after the fight begins, Cletus will fall. Try not to get your hopes up like we did; he’s not done by a long shot. After a dramatic cut scene, it’s time to face Cletus Kasady – Version 2.0, or Carnage as the current objective now shows. While this guy is much tougher to take down, we didn’t find it too difficult, managing to complete it on our first try without dying.

The key to success involves staying out of the flames from all the levers you Web-Pulled. If you haven’t done this yet, do it now, making sure to avoid his attacks in the meantime. The other threat is Carnage, who can be avoided if you’re quick to take the on-screen advice and use your Evasive Roll when prompted.

When you’re not being attacked, Web-Pull, Web Rush and use your Seismic Blast to put some damage on your adversary. Any time you can knock him back into the flames is a bonus.

Eventually, Carnage will take cover above the flames. Just put your cross hairs over each one and the game will prompt you when you’re in the right spot. Hit him with a Seismic Blast and he’ll fall into the flames below. From here on out, this is your primary means of hurting him.

Unfortunately, Carnage comes with some help in the form of creepy little monsters not unlike himself. When they appear, turn your attention to them, avoiding their attacks and using your melee skills until they’re down, then get back to Carnage.

When his health bar empties, Carnage will fall and you’ll beat the final boss, and thus the game. If you’re searching for more tips on The Amazing Spider-Man 2, click here for more coverage.

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