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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Walkthrough: The Kingpin of Crime – Kingpin Boss Fight

by Prima Games Staff

When the mission begins, head to Fisk Tower, conveniently located on the map. When you arrive, get inside the truck and hideout until you reach Kingpin’s secret location.

After exiting the truck, you’ll need to take out Kingpin’s five lieutenants. The key here is the Ionic Web, picked up automatically after the Kraven Boss Fight. When you come across an armored guard, which all of the lieutenants are, fire the Ionic Web the same as you would fire your normal web. Once it encases the guard, move in for some melee attacks. Keep in mind, the Seismic Blast is not the same as Ionic Web and will not help you with the five targets.

Of course, your five targets are flanked by a mixture of Brutes and Speedy’s, as well as several low-level thugs scattered around the area. To take out the Brutes, use the Seismic Blast, then finish them off with some melee strikes. For Speedy’s, use your Web-Pull to bring them close, also using your melee attacks to finish the job.

Focus on the thugs first. Many of them are perched up in sniper nests, so taking them out not only saves you from their attacks, it also allows you to move through the area undetected. Almost (if not all) of the thugs can be neutralized with a Stealth Takedown. Use your Spider-Sense to spot them, then take them out and get to work on the lieutenants.

When taking the lieutenants down, you’re bound to find yourself in some intense combat. Make sure to use your Evasive Roll any time you get a danger warning, but don’t forget to use your Ionic Web to lower their defenses.

When all of the lieutenants have fallen, move to your next objective, the Kingpin.

Defeat Wilson Fisk – The Kingpin Boss Fight

Frankly, we found this boss fight to be one of the easiest. It’s not difficult to avoid taking damage from the Kingpin, but if he does get his bowling ball sized hands on you, you’re in for a world of hurt. Before worrying at all about offense, avoid his attacks at all costs.

There are two ways to hurt the Kingpin, the first is with the Seismic Blast, stunning him for a brief time so you can hit him with some standard melee attacks. As soon as he starts to block them, put some distance between the two of you.

The second way to hurt the boss is by allowing him to charge you, using the Evasive Roll to get out of the way before he runs you over. If you dodge him, he’ll be temporarily stunned against the wall. Move in and put the hurt on him until he recovers and turns around.

Several times through the battle, the Kingpin will call in armored guards. They go down just as easily as the lieutenants and in exactly the same manner. Take them out, then continue to use the formula above to finish off the big guy. When you do, it’s on to Part 12 – Power Surge.

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