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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Walkthrough: Day of the Hunter – Kraven the Hunter

by Prima Games Staff

The Task Force now patrols the streets and will go after you if you don’t keep your reputation in check at all times. Even if they do become hostile, you can normally just Web-Swing away from them so don’t get too worked up over it. However, if you do want to keep your reputation on the Heroic side, spend some time clearing criminal activities marked on the map.

To begin this mission, you need to clear two of the criminal activities yourself. We opted for the fire indicated on the map. To begin, Web-Swing through the city and land on top of the fire truck. Doing so will kick off a timed rescue mission.

From your perch, you should be able to spot a civilian on the top of the roof. Use your Web Rush and put yourself right beside them. Pick them up and jump off the building, delivering them to the safe zone. As soon as you do, head back up the building, taking advantage of your Spider Sense to locate the final two civilians. Deliver them one at a time to pass this portion of the objective.

The second objective is a car chase that seems to be clear across the city. Head that way and land on top of the police car, much the same way you did with the fire truck. Use your Web Rush ability to reach the target car, moving to the back right door where you can neutralize the bad guy. Jump back onto the car to save the civilian, this time staying on the rear trunk. This all plays out the same as it did in Part 2 – Live by the Sword.

Your next objective is in Central Park and should show up on your map shortly. Head that way and start a fight with three thugs. They’ll go down easily, leading to your next objective at the bus station.

This time, there are six bad guys to take down. Focus on using your Web-Pull skills to disarm them, then take them out with some melee attacks. As soon as the fifth guy is down, a Brute will come after you, presenting a bit of a bump up in difficulty. Use your Seismic Blast to stun him, then move in and do some damage with your standard melee attacks. The Brute will attack you, but he’s slow, so you’ll be able to dodge him without much trouble.

When the Brute is down, it’s time to head to Kraven’s Loft, which is back across the city. Once you arrive at the destination marker, Spidey will trade in his tights for Peter Parker’s hooded sweater. Head in and talk to Kraven, going through another so-called interactive conversation. Ask the questions in any order you wish. It has no impact on the story or game play.

When you’re done, it’s time to take pictures of some of Kraven’s nifty collectibles. To do this, stand back from the object a bit, then zoom in with your camera until the focus turns from white to green, meaning you’ll get a clear shot. Take pictures of the giant skull, the globe and the snake in the aquarium.

This will trigger a brief cut scene, with leaving Kraven’s loft the only remaining objective. When it’s complete, you’re on to Part 6 – Into the Lion’s Den.

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