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Alien: Isolation Mission 9: Beacon – Distress Beacon, Winch, Alien Nest

by Prima Games Staff

Survive Sevastopol with Primas Alien: Isolation Walkthrough.

At the end of Mission 8: Haven, Ripley asks Marlow to tell her everything. In Mission 9: Beacon, players will step into the shoes of Marlow to provide the back story that Ripley was asking for.

Following the opening cut scene, your objective will be to Scan for the Signal Using the Tracking Device. After walking a few feet this will update to Follow the Signal. Do as your objective says and use your Tracking Device to pin point the location of the signal. After several minutes of tracking you’ll come to a strange rock formation and your objective will update to Find a Route Around the Blockage.

Look for a rock ledge that hangs over just a bit, approach it and accept a friendly boost to get on top. Next up, head the only way that you can, looking for two rocks that block your path. At the base will be an option to place a bomb. Do so, stepping back and then detonating the explosive to allow your buddies to catch up.

Approach another rock ledge and for a second time, get someone to boost you up, following the path until you trigger a cut scene. It’s a short one, and when you’re done you’ll be once again tasked to Find the Source of the Signal.

The next part is fairly straightforward. Follow the two people ahead of you until your objective updates to Enter the Derelict. Nothing changes, just keep on walking behind your friends until you get yet another objective, this time asking you to Explore the Derelict. We’re running out of ways to tell you to keep walking, so… how about just keep on keeping on?

After reaching a large, open area, walk around for a moment until your objective updates to Locate the Distress Beacon. Use your Tracking Device to get a lock on the signal, getting one of your pals to boost you up to a narrow tunnel.

Follow the tunnel until your objective updates to Disable the Distress Beacon, then approach it and choose the option to Shut Down Beacon. Turn around and head back the other way, getting another new objective that tells you to Return to the Winch.

Make your way back to the group and climb up to join them. Approach the tripod looking device and choose the option to Use Winch. This objective is somewhat unclear clear, so just look for the lone person standing next to the winch and hole to know you’re in the right spot. This will bring the mission to an end and move you on to the next.

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