Now that Titanfall has been available for PC and Xbox One for over a month, we're starting to see an improvement in people's tactics. While it's still a game anyone can jump into, we're all for helping gamers reach their potential.

Today, we're going to focus on the Reserve Ogre + Map Hack Burn Card combination. When combined, they can devastate the opposition. However, this strategy is best saved for game modes like Pilot Hunter, and when you can use it at the same time with two or three friends.

To pull this off, make sure your Reserve Ogre (you can substitute an Atlas Refurb or Spare Stryder) and Map Hack Burn Cards are ready to go. Before jumping from the Dropship and into the round, use your Reserve Ogre, immediately calling it in once you hit the ground. Quickly kill yourself, equipping the Map Hack Burn Card and spawning back into the game. Once you find your Titan, jump in and you're all set.

If you'd like to see this strategy in action, check out the embedded video below.