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GTA 5 Online: Rockstar Verified Races- LS Forum Tips

by Bryan Dawson

Race Info

Number of Players:  1-8
Rank Required: 1
Type: Bike Race
Vehicles: Motorcycles
Distance: 0.65 miles
Terrain: Pavement (Roof)

All of the other Rockstar verified player creations are fairly elaborate, and for some, very difficult, so it makes sense that LS Forum would have a more classic, easy to grasp vibe. The race is a standard oval. It’s the shortest of the Rockstar verified races, and you have access to the motorcycle of your choosing.

Because this is an oval and on pavement, you don’t have to worry about traction or anything else really. Your primary focus in selecting a vehicle should be acceleration and top speed. If you’re looking at a one-lap race, acceleration should be your top priority so you can get an early jump. In most cases, you’ll be racing at least two laps, which means top speed should take precedence. The Bati 801 and 801RR are the bikes of choice in this category.

The track is an oval, so there aren’t any real tricks or strategies for the racing portion. Just stick to the inside lane and avoid the other racers. Unfortunately, this is Grand Theft Auto, so the other racers won’t necessary stick to the same plan. Watch your surroundings closely and always know which lap you’re on and how close you are to the finish. If you have a ways to go, and there are a group of players bunched together, get away from the group and let them take each other out.

For the most part, you want to avoid contact with any other racers, even if that means taking the outside lane. Once a player gets up to top speed, even if he has a slight lead, it will be difficult to catch him unless he makes a mistake. You want to be that person, but it won’t happen if you get tangled up with the other racers.

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