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Battlefield 4: Top 5 Commander Mode Tips

by Prima Games Staff

When DICE revealed that Commander Mode was making a return in Battlefield 4, players around the globe could barely contain their excitement. Still, as incredible as the game mode is, it’s one we constantly see players struggling with. Teams rarely listen to their Commanders, just like the Commanders rarely benefit their teams. With that in mind, we decided to compile our top five tips to help you gain extra experience and lead your team to victory.

By playing as Commander, players have the opportunity to earn four Ribbons unique to the game mode. By collecting 50 of each, you can unlock four unique Medals.


  • Commander Resupply Ribbon (10 supply crate uses as Commander)
  • Commander Leadership Ribbon (10 orders followed as Commander)
  • Commander Gunship Ribbon (Deploy 2 gunships as Commander)
  • Commander Surveillance Ribbon (10 scan bonuses as Commander)


  • Commander Resupply Medal (50 Commander Resupply Ribbons)
  • Commander Leadership Medal (Receive 50 Commander Leadership Ribbons)
  • Commander Gunship Medal (Receive 50 Commander Gunship Ribbons)
  • Commander Surveillance Medal (Receive 50 Commander Surveillance Ribbons)

Earning these rewards can take a lot of time and dedication. To help speed up the process, check out the video below with our Top 5 Commander Mode Tips.

What is your best tip for playing as Commander? Let us know in the comments.