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Battlefield 4 – Support Class Breakdown

by Prima Games Staff

The Support class in Battlefield 4 underwent several changes since Battlefield 3. It is now the primary home for Suppression, making it an ideal counter measure to long-range snipers. We’ve also seen the breakdown of the resupply process. Handing ammunition out to your teammates is now done in two ways. The Ammo Pack will resupply bullets to a single soldier, one time, while the Ammo Box will resupply weapons and gadgets to anyone in close proximity.

One of the coolest new additions to the Support class is the MP-APS. Also known as the Man-Portable Active Protection System, this gadget is capable of detonating incoming missiles before they reach their targets. It is not capable of stopping bullets or hand-thrown grenades, and must go through a recharge process once used.

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