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Battlefield 4: 64-Player Conquest Large Tips & Video

by Prima Games Staff

The release of Battlefield 4 on the PS4 and Xbox One is a big deal for us long-time Battlefield fans. For the first time in franchise history, the game can be played as always intended, with 64 players while running at a smooth 60 frames per second. Having dabbled with the game on Xbox One, I’m happy to report that there’s no noticeable difference between the PC and next-gen console versions of Battlefield 4.

But if you’ve only been playing Battlefield on the console all these years, you’ve been missing out on the Conquest Large game mode, featuring the largest maps in the game. While this immense variant of Conquest plays similar to Conquest Small, the larger map sizes and player count can be somewhat intimidating. So here’s a few tips to help you get the most our of your Conquest Large experience.

1. Strength in Numbers

Back when playing 12 vs. 12 matches of Conquest, it was possible to play an entire match while only encountering a handful of opponents. Seriously, sometimes the top player only had five kills the whole round. That’s not the case in Conquest Large. With 32 players on each team, enemy encounters are frequent and deadly. As a result, don’t be a lonewolf. You won’t last long.

2. Squad Play

Always play in a squad to avoid getting outnumbered. Now with a five-player capacity, squads are more effective than ever. But make sure you mix classes to better support each other. Squad compositions will vary based on map and tactical situation. But generally it’s best to have two assault, one engineer, one support, and one recon player in each squad. The recon kit’s Motion Sensors and T-UGS are particularly useful in dense areas, perfect for locating enemy troops.

3. Defend, Defend, Defend!

Yeah, we know how you play. You capture a flag and quickly move on to the next one, leaving nobody behind to defend. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. But in 64-player matches, leaving flags undefended isn’t just lazy. It’s dumb. Do you really need all 32 players in your team to be on the attack? Unlike 12 vs. 12 matches, defending in Conquest Large is rarely dull. At the very least, leave one squad back to defend each held control point. Otherwise the enemy will easily recapture it within seconds.

4. Logistics

Most of your team’s vehicles spawn back at your base. Remember this as the battle commences and your base fills with more and more vacant vehicles. Don’t leave them back at your base gathering dust. Instead, spawn back at your base periodically to bring these vehicles to the front lines. If playing as your team’s commander, keep busy deploying assets like UAVs, supply drops, Gunships, and cruise missiles. Failing to field these readily available assets puts your team at a serious disadvantage.

5. Chain of Command

Orders flow from your team’s commander, down to the squad leaders, then on to squadmates. It’s up to your squad leader to relay the commander’s order or issue their own. If your squad leader isn’t using orders, issue a friendly reminder, requesting orders. If you’re not playing with orders (in any game mode) you’re simply leaving free bonus points on the table. In addition to earning bonus points, orders help keep each squad on-task and well-spaced. And in a 64-player match, the commander has the best view of the Battlefield, capable of routing squads to various hotspots as needed.

The following video provides a glimpse of just how chaotic Conquest Large matches can get. The footage was taken entirely from Spectator Mode, something new to Xbox One and PS4 as well.

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