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What’s New in Assassin’s Creed Unity?

by Prima Games Staff

Ubisoft will usher in the next generation of Assassin’s Creed when Assassin’s Creed Unity debuts November 11 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Taking place in Paris during the French Revolution, and World World 2 through a time anomaly, the game sends players through a beautifully-crafted world with thousands of non-player characters crowding the streets, made possible with Ubisoft’s Anvil Engine. They’ll enjoy enhanced parkour moves to get around, and team up with three other gamers for co-op. 

In this multiplayer mode, they’ll use team based special skills to gain the edge in combat, which they can share among all players. Communal Sense, for example, shares Eagle Vision with allies, while the Disguise Skill lets them mask their appearances. Group Healing boosts a person’s health so long as he or she is within range, and the helpful Assassin’s Cache creates storage for bombs and ammo.

All told, AC Unity looks incredible, and we can’t wait to play this highly anticipated game next week. That said, see all the new features in the trailer below.

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