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Watch Dogs: How to Unlock the Gold D50 Desert Eagle

by Prima Games Staff

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With Watch Dogs, players have a fairly substantial arsenal of weapons to choose from. While hacking is a major part of the game, so is obliterating your opponents with your trench coat full of guns. Perhaps the coolest of them all is the Gold D50 Desert Eagle. Not only will it stop just about anything with a single shot, you’ll look great at the same time.

Unlocking the Gold D50 Desert Eagle is quite simple. First you’ll need a Uplay account. If you’re on one of the consoles, this can be accessed from the main menu. If you’re using a PC, you can just Click Here and we’ll take you directly to the website. You’re welcome!

If you’re having issues with the process, or want to see the pistol in action before making an account, check out the video below to see what the Gold D50 Desert Eagle looks like in-game.

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