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Skyrim V: Legendary – Top Five Shouts [VIDEO]

by Prima Games Staff

Choosing the five “best” Shouts available to the Dragonborn was always going to be difficult, considering that different adventurers have specific needs that only certain Shouts provide. So we didn’t. Instead, the following five Thu’ums are listed in greater detail to provide a starting point for those still unsure of which Shouts to trek to Word Walls to learn and spend their hard-earned Dragon Souls on.

There are Shouts chosen for a hardened warrior, another for a stealth-based assassin, and others that offer more general help. With 27 Shouts to obtain, you may deem an entirely different Shout much more helpful in your explorations. But it is still wise to perfect any of the following five Shouts at the earliest opportunity (ideally over multiple character builds). These Shouts are listed in alphabetical order:


Words of Power: Laas (Life), Yah (Seek), Nir (Hunt)

Word Wall Locations:

  • Northwind Summit (The Rift): This is a Dragon Lair.
  • Valthume (The Reach): Dungeon Quest: Evil in Waiting. This is a Dragon Priest’s Lair.
  • Volunruud (The Pale): Dark Brotherhood Quest: The Silence has Been Broken; Dungeon Quest: Silenced Tongues

Description: Your voice is not a Shout but a whisper, revealing the life forces of any and all.



Words of Power: Feim (Fade), Zii (Spirit), Gron (Bind)

Word Wall Locations:

  • Ironbind Barrow (Winterhold Hold).
  • Lost Valley Redoubt (The Reach).
  • Ustengrav (Hjaalmarch): Main Quest: The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller

Description: The Thu’um reaches out to the void, changing your form to one that cannot harm or be harmed.



Words of Power: Su (Air), Grah (Battle), Dun (Grace)

Word Wall Locations:

  • Dragontooth Crater (The Reach): This is a Dragon lair.
  • Kilkreath Ruins (Haafingar): Daedric Quest: The Break of Dawn
  • Shriekwind Bastion (Falkreath Hold)

Description: The Thu’um imbues your arms with the speed of wind, allowing for faster weapon strikes.



Words of Power: Krii (Kill), Lun (Leech), Aus (Suffer)

Word Wall Locations:

  • Autumnwatch Tower (The Rift): This is a Dragon lair
  • Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary (Falkreath Hold)
  • Forsaken Cave (The Pale): Side Quest: The White Phial

Description: Speak, and let your voice herald doom, as an opponent’s armor and life force are weakened.



Words of Power: Fus (Force), Ro (Balance), Dah (Push)

Word Wall Locations:

  • Bleak Falls Barrow (Falkreath Hold): Main Quest: Bleak Falls Barrow; Side Quest: The Golden Claw
  • High Hrothgar (Whiterun Hold): Main Quest: The Way of the Voice. You learn both the second and third words from the Greybeards

Description: Your voice is raw power, pushing aside anything—or anyone—who stands in your path.


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