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KontrolFreek – Take Your FPS Skills to the Next Level

by Prima Games Staff

For some time, friends and colleagues from the gaming universe urged us to look into KontrolFreek, makers of custom analog stick accessories that supposedly enhance a person’s skills with a controller. To be fair, we were skeptical. What could possibly be done to improve the design already in place, and if it wasn’t optimal, why hadn’t Sony or Microsoft addressed this?

Our first experience was with the FPS Freek CQC for PS4. Installation is simple, and didn’t take any time to adjust to the different feel of the analog sticks. In fact, not only did they feel comfortable, they also felt much better than the analog sticks on the Dual Shock 4 controller. It was a pleasant surprise to say the least.

Although we didn’t take note of our accuracy in Battlefield 4 or Call of Duty: Ghosts before and after a few weeks of using KontrolFreek, our sniping ability improved. Prior to using the FPS Freek Sniper, we were mediocre at best with the Recon Class in Battlefield. We struggled with the precision needed to hit long-range or moving target headshots. That changed the moment we snapped on the FPS Freek Sniper. There was smoothness in the motion of the analog sticks missing in the past. To see an example of what we’re talking about, check out the video below where we hit five consecutive headshots, all at a distance of about 400 meters.

 Aside from increased accuracy and a much smoother motion from the analog sticks, the major benefit of KontrolFreek can be found in the name. Our thumbs never slip. Perhaps now we can get through Michael’s yoga mission in Grand Theft Auto 5, which had us contemplating super glue to keep our thumbs attached to the analog sticks.

Titanfall is another game enhanced by KontrolFreek products. With wall running, hanging and the constant double-jumps that go into a round, your thumbs are always moving. Not only that, the limitations of a Pilot are only bound by the imagination of the player and dexterity of his or her thumbs. By snapping on the FPS Freek Ultra, not only did our thumbs not slip, the increased range of motion from the custom sticks allowed us to pull off moves that we previously struggled with.

In the end, perhaps that biggest compliment we can give KontrolFreek is that we’ve gone from being concerned about how we would adjust to wondering how we’d live without them. While we’ve done our best to explain how big of a difference they have made, there are no words that can demonstrate that point as well as hands on experience.

If you would like to learn more about KontrolFreek and do some research of your own, visit the website, which we conveniently linked at the top of the article, and right here to save you some scrolling.  

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