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Kevin Durant Plays as LeBron James in NBA 2K15

by Prima Games Staff

Oklahoma City Thunder megastar Kevin Durant is a serious dude. We thought he hated us when on two separate occasions, he gave us a straight face during interviews. Well, he did the exact same thing to Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show, though to be fair, there’s a good chance he loathes us all.

That aside, the reigning NBA MVP is all business, especially when it comes to playing NBA 2K15 and the series in general. We’d like to think he plays as himself and puts up 50 a game, but it turns out he prefers to control LeBron James. Keep in mind no one has seen this outside of Durant’s inner circle, so for all we know, he intentionally gets LeBron to foul out while the Thunder run up the score.

NBA 2K15 debuts October 7.

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