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Epic Space Jam Mod for NBA 2K14

by Prima Games Staff

Space Jam is one of the coolest films from the 90s. It was sort of like Who Framed Roger Rabbit in sense that it featured real people and animated cartoons co-existing in harmony, except it starred Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes hitting the court to battle the ferocious Monstars. Plus, it featured Shawn Bradely in a speaking role. Seriously, how did he wind up alongside the likes of Patricky Ewing, Larry Johnson and Charles Barkley?

Long stoy short, it’s an awesome movie, and a modder called MGX revisted all those nostalgic memories with this sweet Space Jam mod for NBA 2K14 that’s so good, we demand that 2K Sports incorporate it into NBA 2K15. Granted, Bugs and the gang look strange since they are essentially the same height as humans (their faces also look like masks), but come on. What’s not to like about this? Check out the video and believe you can fly.

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