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Dying Light Be the Zombie Mode Lets You Mess With People

by Prima Games Staff

Dying Light is WB Games’ gorgeous looking zombie adventure with a cool day night cycle where the undead become super aggressive when the sun goes down. We can’t wait to sneak around scavenging for supplies and caving in some skulls in the single player campaign. Turns out, there’s also a multiplayer component with a twist.

The newly-reveald Be the Zombie mode allows players to become a vicious Night Hunter zombie and invade other people’s games. One moment, you’re hanging out with your friends, and then the next, some random stranger appears attempting to kill you without warning.

We imagine the victims will see this as an annoyance. As for the aspiring Night Hunters, it’s the best way to mess with people at two in the morning. We can’t wait.

Dying Light releases January 27.

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