Call of Duty critics and even casual observers always mention how Advanced Warfare looks like Titanfall, and perhaps they have a point. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, after all, though from what we've seen, Activision's new sequel contains plenty of unique elements to stand on its own. With that in mind, this adrenaline-charged seven-minute video provides an in-depth look at multiplayer. You'll see Exo Abilities like Hover, Boost and Cloak in action.  From there, check out some of the game's maps, like Defender, Biolab and Riot. See how verticality changes the Call of Duty experience, and start thinking about the many ways you can customize your warrior with Create-an-Operator and Pick 13, which is an upgrade over Pick 10 from Black Ops 2.

November 4, please hurry up.