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Zombies in Spaceland – How to Unlock Elemental Effect Upgrades

by Prima Games Staff

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is now available, which means it’s time to dive into the new 80’s themed zombies mode, Zombies in Spaceland. In this guide we are going to show you how to activate a set of UFOs, which you can use to charge up and unlock Elemental Effects for your weapons.

How to Unlock Elemental Effect Upgrades

The first thing you need to do to get started with Elemental Effect upgrades is head over and turn on all the power. Once you know how to turn the power on you should also know how to unlock and activate the Pack-a-Punch. With the Pack-a-Punch activated, head inside the main portal into the PAP area. Locate the small Soul Jar in the middle of the PAP room, and activate it by holding the Square/X/Use (usually F) key on your platform of choice. There isn’t a prompt, so just move close and hold the button until four UFOs fly out of the jar and through the portal.

Now it’s time to locate the UFOs. Each one takes up a position near the four trap sites in the map. The trap sites are located in the following areas: The Kepler System, Astrocade, Polar Peak, and Galaxy Journey. Once you find the UFO that corresponds to the element you want to use it is time to head over to its location. We’ve marked each element type and its location below.

  • Lightning Element: Located by the Star Mission Trap in Galaxy Journey.
  • Fire Element: Near the Chromophere Trap in the Kepler System.
  • Wind Element: Up beside the Roller Coaster Trap in Polar Peak.
  • Poison Element: At the Discoball and Dance Floor Trap in the Astrocade.

Once you arrive at the location of your chosen element, you must use the trap system in that area to take out zombies. Continue getting kills using the trap until the UFO changes course and begins flying in a wide arc around the area. Now you need to get kills with any weapon that has an Arcane Core attached to it. Arcane Cores are small attachments that can be purchased for 300 Tickets from a few vendors around the park. We suggest going ahead and grabbing this item before you start up the Soul collection process, as it helps with collecting souls from the traps as well.

With the Arcane Core attached to your weapon, and the trap killing completed, it’s time to just sit back and kill and zombies who come your way. After roughly 30 kills or so, the UFO will drop the Elemental Core near the trap, where you can collect it and equip it.

Some important things to know about Elemental Effect Upgrades:

  • You can only have one upgrade attached to one weapon at a time. If you want two upgrades, you must use them on different weapons.
  • Only one player can collect the Elemental Core dropped from a UFO. If two players wish to have the same upgrade attached, you must complete the entire process a second time.

That’s all the basics you need to know about Elemental Effect Upgrades and how to get them. If you find yourself dying a lot, be sure to learn how the new Lost and Found system works. You can also take a look at everything that’s new with Zombies in Spaceland, or head back over to our Zombies in Spaceland guide for more tips, tricks, and guides to help you survive the horde.

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