Zombies: Attack of the Radioactive Thing All Steps – Solve the Main Easter Egg

Learn how to solve the main Easter egg in Attack of the Radioactive Thing.

The community has pulled it off once more, and the newest adventure released for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s zombies campaign has been completed. If you want to pull off the main Easter egg, you’re going to have to be ready, and we’ve put together a comprehensive article to assist you in your journey to complete the new map and defeat the Radioactive Thing. So, if you want to know how to beat the main Easter egg in Attack of the Radioactive Thing, then let’s dive in.

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We’ve broken down the steps needed to complete the main Easter egg into easy to follow steps. Complete each step in the order posted to complete the main Easter egg and beat the new zombies map.

Main Easter Egg Guide Step 1

The first thing you need to do is activate the power and grab Elvira’s spell book from the safe inside the Ice Cream Shop. We’ve detailed how to get her book in our guide on how to get the Pack-a-Punch, which is something you’ll need to access for the second step of the Easter egg.

Main Easter Egg Guide Step 2

The second thing you need to do is build a Zombie Body in the spawn area. This can be done by acquiring several different pieces from around the map. We’ve detailed their locations below.

  • Head: Head to Pack-a-Punch and use the button on the wall to teleport to an RV where you can get this part of the Zombie Body.
  • Torso: Get the Crowbar that you need to acquire the MAD Wonder Weapon, and then repair and activate the Deep Freeze Trap. Once that is done, melee the pig in front of the zombie torso, and it will explode, giving you access to the torso itself.
  • Left Arm: The left arm can be obtained from a firepit in the RV Park. Pick it up to acquire it.
  • Right Arm: Learn how to build the Seismic Wave Generator, and then head to the beach where you found the Power Handle and place the generator on the sand. This will cause the arm to lift back out of the ground, allowing you to obtain it.
  • Left Leg: Find out how to get the Cleaver, and then use it to kill a Radioactive Zombie. This will give you the left leg.
  • Right Leg: Head over to the TV Studio and use a grenade to knock the leg hanging in the tree behind the studio down. This will allow you to grab the leg and add it to your collection.
  • Glass Shard: Head to the RV Park and melee the unbroken mirror in the bathroom using the Crowbar. This will give you the Glass Shard.
  • Car Mirror: You can get the Car Mirror off the white car in front of the gas station. Use the Crowbar to melee the passenger mirror and knock it off.
  • Hand Mirror: The final piece, a hand mirror, can be obtained from Elvira. Summon her and then run over to where she was originally sitting in the TV Studio and steal her mirror.

Main Easter Egg Guide Step 3

Now it’s time to move on to the next step. Head to the Ice Cream Shop and get the Scantron. Once you have it, place it inside the machine at spawn and a series of nine numbers will flash across the screen. From here you need to simply try every combination you can until you get it. Keep in mind that the combination can only include the numbers 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8.

Main Easter Egg Guide Step 4

After finding the number in Step 3, input it once more—this time backwards—and activate the Death Ray. This will cause the zombie inside to be killed, and it will drop a key for the player to pick up.

Main Easter Egg Guide Step 5

Step five requires players to find the parts needed to build the Nuke. The first part is found under the red car between the motel and the TV Studio. The second piece is found at the end of the stream that passed under the bridge. The final piece can be obtained from the ground behind a fence gate outside of Elvira’s TV Studio.

Main Easter Egg Guide Step 6

You’ll want to hold on to the Crowbar for the Easter egg, as you’ll need it several times throughout the whole process. Using the Crowbar, look under the desk in the back of the Beachside Market to obtain four numbers. You’ll need to turn four pressure gauges to these numbers by hitting them with the Crowbar. These gauges can be found at the locations listed below.

  • Gauge 1 can be found behind the gas station.
  • Gauge 2 can be located on the right side of the Snack Shack.
  • Gauge 3 is located behind the shack in the Power Station area.
  • Gauge 4 is hidden in the motel room where you acquire the Crowbar.

Once the numbers have been inputted, the safe in the back of the Beachside Market will open, allowing you to obtain the Nuclear Launch Codes. Make sure you write the code down on a piece of paper, as you cannot check your inventory when inputting the code later on.

Main Easter Egg Guide Step 7

After getting the Nuclear Launch Codes, head to the Gas Station and activate the garage door on the right side. This will give you access to the all-new Chemical Station, where you can make chemicals. First, though, you will need to find three pieces for the lab.

  • The Number Input can be found on the picnic table between the beach and the RV Park.
  • The Gauges can be located on a picnic table in the RV Park.
  • The final piece, the Valves, can be grabbed off a couch in the back of the Beachside Market.
  • Once you have the parts, return them to the lab to continue.

Main Easter Egg Guide Step 8

Now you need to find what your M-symbol’s number is in order to solve the chemical equation. This number can be found above the radio in the motel.

Main Easter Egg Guide Step 9

After finding the M-symbol’s number, it’s time to solve the next part of the equation and solve for O. There are four possible locations for this number to be found. We’ve listed them below.

  • Door of the Gas Station
  • Next to the fridge in the back of the Beachside Market
  • On the fridge in the RV
  • Under the bridge.

In order to solve this part of the equation, though, you’re going to need to change the color of the map up. Head to Elvira’s TV Studio and use the machine inside to change the color of the map. Now, head to the locations listed above, and whichever location does not have a number with an = sign behind it is your solution for O.

Main Easter Egg Guide Step 10

Now, take your O and multiply it by your M, then change the map colors to match the solution that you can. You will then need to stay on this color setting until you complete up to Step 13 of the Easter egg.

Main Easter Egg Guide Step 11

You should now be able to start acquiring batteries from zombies as item drops. Start killing zombies, and then once you have acquired some batteries, head to the Motel Office and place them in the radio there. You should also place a battery in the radio at the Power Station, too.

Main Easter Egg Guide Step 12

Listen to the information on each radio, and then make note of the chemical that Dr. Bright claims he KNOWS will kill the monster.

Main Easter Egg Guide Step 13

Now it’s time to create the chemical that Dr. Bright told you about. The community has put together a helpful list of formulas that you may need, so be sure to take a look at it for additional help. You will need to place down the proper ingredients and then input the number that you get by adding the top and left number of each ingredient’s chemical diamond and then subtract the solution for O from that amount. It should be noted that the numbers and colors needed to complete the Easter egg will change each time you do the map. You can find helpful chalkboards at the following locations:

  • Near the Insect Repellent at Spawn.
  • Outside the TV Studio.
  • On the beach near the water.
  • In the RV Park.
  • Inside the gas station.
  • Behind the Beachside Market.

Main Easter Egg Guide Step 14

With the formula creates, put the parts for the nuke onto it, and then add the formula to the nuke. When you’re ready, have all the players interact with the nuke to start up the final portion of the fight. The nuke will need to charge up its teleporter first, but once it’s ready, everyone should interact with it once more.

Main Easter Egg Guide Step 15

After being teleported into the boss fight, start pushing the nuke down to the water’s edge. Look out for enemies and fireballs, and take out any zombies or Crogs that come after you.

Main Easter Egg Guide Step 16

When the nuke is at the water’s edge, it’s time to gear up once more. The Radioactive Thing will begin to attack even harder, and you’ll have to survive the onslaught of zombies, fireballs, and Crogs. You’ll also need to use the Death Lasers to attack the Radioactive Thing’s chest, and blow a hole in the core on its chest.

Main Easter Egg Guide Step 17

Once the Radioactive Thing has been damaged enough, retreat back to the bridge and fight off the enemies until the beast begins shooting lasers once more. At this time, an obstacle course will be spawned, and players will need to jump, run, and slide their way down to the nuke. Do not get hit by lasers or you will die. Get to the water’s edge and interact with the nuke to be teleported into the belly of the beast.

Main Easter Egg Guide Step 18

Now all you need to do is input the code from the sheet in the safe. Each player gets three attempts to input the code, and you must all put it in correctly to launch it. When you’ve all inputted the code correctly, the bomb will go off, and you’ll have completed the Easter egg.

Now that you know how to complete the Easter egg, it’s time to dive back in and see what other secrets you can dig up in Attack of the Radioactive Thing. Find out how to build the MAD Wonder Weapon and more with our other helpful Infinite Warfare Zombies guides!

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