All Perk Machine Locations in Zombies in Spaceland

Find the new versions of Juggernog, Quick Revive, and Double Tap in Zombies in Spaceland.

New Names, Same Benefits

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Zombies in Spaceland Perk Machines are located all over the map, similar to the Perks from Treyarch’s series of zombie games. Although the perks in Zombies in Spaceland have new names, they offer the same benefits you know and love. The stat boosts of Juggernog, Quick Revive, and Double Tap are in Zombies in Spaceland; now known as Tuff Enuff, Up N Atoms, and Bang Bangs, respectively. Use our guide to find all perk locations in Zombies in Spaceland!

Up N Atoms (Quick Revive)

You may know Up N Atoms by its original name, Quick Revive. Up N Atoms provides different effects based on co-op or solo play. While playing solo, Up N Atoms will revive you after a down, while co-op players will receive decreased revive time. In Zombies in Spaceland, the Up N Atoms machine will be located in the spawn area, directly to your right. The Up N Atoms will always be in this location, and is essential for playing solo. Up N Atoms costs 500 points in Zombies in Spaceland, and you start with 500. We recommend buying it immediately.

Tuff Enuff (Juggernog)

If Up N Atoms is 1A for most important solo perk, Tuff Enuff is 1B. Everyone needs to have this new version of Juggernog, which will increase the amount of hits you can take in Zombies in Spaceland. To find the Tuff Enuff candy machine, head over to Journey Into Space, located to the left of your spawn. Once inside Journey Into Space, go to the left and then keep to the right of the fork, to the right side of the Galaxy Journey building.

Follow the path around to the left, crossing over the rocket ship and into the Star Mission section of Zombies in Spaceland. Tuff Enuff will be located in the back left corner of Star Mission. If you haven’t done it yet, you will have to flip on the generator switch that is close by. Tuff Enuff will cost 2500 points. We still want to call it Juggernog.

Quickies (Speed Cola)

While Speed Cola was not as essential as Juggernog and Quick Revive, it was very effective for mowing down large trains of zombies by giving you increased reload speed. Speed Cola is back in Zombies in Spaceland in the form of Quickies candy. To find the Quickies machine, head to Polar Peak. Work your way up to the top of Polar Peak, either through the gift shop or the second hallway to the left of the shop, to find Quickies in the same room as the generator that turns on the power. This room is opposite from where you board the roller coaster.

Racin’ Stripes (Stamin-Up)

Boost your sprint speed and duration with Zombies in Spaceland’s version of Stamin-Up, Racin’ Stripes. To find the Racin’ Stripes machine, you will have to head to the basement area of the park. Racin’ Stripes is in the employee only break room, which is also a possible spawn for the Boom Box part.

Mule Munchies (Mule Kick)

Probably the least appetizing name for a candy, Mule Munchies will allow you to carry a third weapon in Zombies in Spaceland. Mule Munchies is located in Journey Into Space. Once entering Journey Into Space from spawn, head to left like you did to find Tuff Enuff. Instead of going to the right of the Galaxy Journey building, you will find Mule Munchies located to the left of Galaxy Journey.

Slappy Taffy

Slappy Taffy is an all new perk does not have a Treyarch equivalent, providing increased melee damage and an area of effect knockback. To find Slappy Taffy in Zombies in Spaceland, make your way over the Kepler System. Go through the restroom area on your left and make your way up the stairs that will be straight ahead, towards the Chronosphere. Slappy Taffy will be on your right.

Bombstoppers (PHD Flopper)

Bombstoppers is an amazing perk that will reduce explosion damage, much like PHD Floppers. For only 1500 points, Bombstoppers is nice to have around. To find Bombstoppers, make your way to the Kepler System and keep right at the top of the hill. Go through the crocodile trap, Bombstoppers will be on the left wall at the bottom of the steps.


Trailblazers is another new perk in Zombies in Spaceland that will leave a trail of fire after sliding. To find the Trailblazers machine, head to the arcade inside Journey Into Space. Keep to the right after entering Journey Into Space to find the staircase that leads to the arcade. Once opening the arcade door, stay straight to open the door to the back alley. Trailblazers will be on your left.

Blue Bolts (Electric Cherry)

Blue Bolts is a perk that can save your life in certain situations, it provides an area of effect lightning charge that will injure zombies when you reload your weapon. To find Blue Balls, work your way to the arcade in Journey Into Space, found to the right once you enter from spawn. Head to the back of the arcade to find the door that leads to the back area with an entrance to the basement. Next to the basement door is the Blue Bolts perk machine in Zombies in Spaceland.

Bang Bangs (Double Tap)

Double Tap is up there with essential perks like Juggernog and Quick Revive, essentially doubling the damage of your weapon by making it fire two bullets at once. Unfortunately, the Bang Bangs machine is located deep in the back of Zombies in Spaceland, near the Spaceship Splash ride in the Triton section. You can access this area of the park by going all the way through the underground area that starts behind the arcade, or you can make your way through the gift shop in Polar Peak. Once you are at the area with the pretty colored fountains, look to the left to find the Bang Bangs candy machine, opposite from the bridge that leads to the slide.

There you have it, all perk machine locations in Zombies in Spaceland! We recommend buying Up N Atoms and Tuff Enuff immediately, then making your way to Bang Bangs as soon as possible. These three perks will have you staying alive long enough in Spaceland to rack up money for other perk purchases, but keep in mind you can only carry five perks at a time. If you go down with five perks, you definitely want to head over to the Lost and Found. Now that you know all of the perk machine locations in Zombies in Spaceland, head over to our Zombies in Spaceland guide hub to see what else you can accomplish.

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