Taking their first steps into the center area of Zombies in Spaceland, players might notice the small robot in the middle of the path (the one with no head). When built, this robot, named N31L, will offer up challenges that players can complete for additional experience and a cool Easter Egg. In this article, we will walk you through finding all of N31L’s parts, as well as show you how to activate this new Easter Egg.

How to Activate N31L, Find his Head

To get this process started, the first thing you need to do is get N31L up and running again. This can be accomplished by heading past N31L’s body and looking for his head on the table to the right of the bridge that leads up to Polar Peak. Pick up the head, then make your way back to N31L’s body and put it in place to bring the little robot back online.

With his head reattached, N31L will begin spitting out challenges that the player can complete. These challenges come out in different variations, but the first five will always include one of the following:

  • Get Multikills
  • Kill zombies at a distance
  • Don’t go into Last Stand
  • Kill zombies with melee attacks
  • Kill zombies while jumping

Complete these challenges as they appear (we suggest starting early on, as melee killing enemies in later scenes can be tough). Once you complete all of the challenges (and the bar around the challenge area on the HUD is full), head over to N31L’s location and press the Use button on him (Square, F, X). This will send him shooting into the air. After a few moments, he will come floating back down, but this time he brings along a friend, David Hasselhoff! The Hoff will fight alongside you for a few minutes, running and gunning his way around the map. Then he will hop back into N31L’s arms and shoot back into the sky. When N31L returns, he will require a second part to be found. You’ll need to know how to turn on the power if you want to be able to access all of the map areas, and knowing how to activate and use the Pack-a-Punch is a sure-fire way to stay alive long enough to complete this Easter Egg quest.

Where to Find N31L’s Battery

The second part you need to find to continue this Easter Egg is a battery to recharge N31L’s systems. This battery can be found near the laser trap in Polar Peak, on the counter near the ramp in the portal room at Polar Peak or near the wind trap in the Kepler System. The item might spawn in additional areas, but these are the current known spawn locations.

With the battery installed, N31L will begin to issue a new set of challenges, including:

  • Protect the player
  • Shoot the legs off zombies
  • Board up windows
  • Kill zombies at a distance
  • Kill zombies that are crawling on the ground

Complete these challenges and N31L will once more shoot off into the night sky, bringing The Hoff back with him when he returns. After N31L returns Hasselhoff back to the sky, he will require an OS update.

How to Find N31L’s Floppy Disk

The Floppy Disk part that is needed to complete the third part of N31L’s Easter Egg quest can be found in quite a few different areas in the downstairs section. No particular areas have been pinpointed yet, but go to the employee only area via the stairs in the Arcade or Polar Peak. Downstairs, you will find several different locations where the item can be found. Once you find it, head back to the surface and interact with N31L to complete the final part. This will spawn a new set of challenges. So far only one is known:

  • Kill zombies that have already damaged you

When you complete the next set of challenges and N31L’s bar is once more full, he will shoot off into the stars once more, returning with The Hoff to help you out. After he returns Hoff to his place in the heavens, you can then spend $5,000 cash to call in the Knight Industries Two Thousand Protocol, which brings David Hasselhoff back down to help you fight zombies.

That’s everything there is to know about finding N31L’s parts and unlocking the Knight Industries Two Thousand Protocol Easter Egg. You can find out more about Infinite Warfare’s Zombies mode by heading over to our Zombies in Spaceland guide.