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Zombies in Spaceland: Find the Magic Wheel

by Prima Games Staff

This guide will show you how to find the Magic Wheel in Zombies in Spaceland. The Mystery Box was a fan favorite mechanic from the Black Ops zombie games, and it makes its way to Zombies in Spaceland in the form of the Magic Wheel. For 950 points, you will get a random weapon, potentially getting an incredibly powerful gun for cheap! Of course, you could also get a dud, which makes the Magic Wheel a risky proposition.

The Magic Wheel will not always be in the same place, but you can find its general location by looking up to the sky. The Magic Wheel, just like the Mystery Box, will give off a blue pillar of light that can be seen from anywhere. If an astronaut pops out of the box when you try to use it, that means the Magic Wheel is going to switch its location! Find all possible Magic Wheel spawns below.

Journey Into Space Magic Wheels

The Journey Into Space Magic Wheel is the easiest to reach from the spawn area, so cross your fingers it starts here. Head over to Journey Into Space, make a left, then keep right at the Galaxy Journey building. If this looks familiar, it isĀ how you get to the power box and also the Tuff Enuff perk machine. Follow the path until you end up by the rocket ship, the first Magic Wheel spawn is on the launch pad.

Continue through the launch pad towards the bumper cars for a second Journey Into Space Magic Wheel spawn point. Make a right to exit the bumper cars and head down the hill, on your left is the potential Magic Wheel spawn.

Polar Peak Magic Wheels

Consider yourself unlucky if you find your blue light in the sky coming from Polar Peak. Oh well, we will still show you how to find this Magic Wheel. Open the entrance to Polar Peak and head up the winding hallway. At the top of the hallway you can go right to the gift shop, or left for a second winding hallway. Both of these ways lead to the top of Polar Peak and the entrance to the roller coaster. You will find the Magic Wheel in the room next to the roller coaster entrance, next to the power box and Quickies candy.

Easily enough, head down the maintenance door across from that Magic Wheel location, where the roller coaster goes, to find a second Magic Wheel in Polar Peak.

There is a third potential Magic Wheel spawn that can be reached from Polar Peak. Make your way to the gift shop and open the outside door to access the area with the colored fountains. Stay to the right to spot a bridge that leads to the big slide, the Magic Wheel will be the the right of the top of the slide.

Arcade Magic Wheel

There is a Magic Wheel located on the second floor of the arcade. To find the arcade, head over to Journey Into Space and make a right upon entering. Follow the path until you reach the arcade entrance. Make your way up the steps to reach the second floor of the arcade, you will find the Magic Wheel in the corner on the second floor.

Kepler System Magic Wheels

The Kepler System is home to two Magic Wheels. You can find the first one by heading up the hill and keeping to your right, where the crocodile trap is. Walk through the crocodile trap to find the Magic Wheel straight ahead. You can continue to your left to find the other Magic Wheel, at the top of the steps that lead to the power box. This second Magic Wheel can also be found by keeping left at the top of the hill, through the restroom area.

Now that you know where the Magic Wheels are, rack up the points so you can use it! For more tips, check out our Zombies in Spaceland guide hub.

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