Zombies: Attack of the Radioactive Thing – Build the Modular Atomic Disintegrator

Learn how to build M.A.D. weapon in the latest Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare zombies adventure.

The Modular Atomic Disintegrator or M.A.D. is just one of the many Wonder Weapons available to players in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies, and it’s the latest weapon to join the fray in Attack of the Radioactive Thing. Unlike previous Wonder Weapons, though, acquiring it is a bit more up to chance than before, and we’ll go over all the details about how you can obtain the Modular Atomic Disintegrator in Zombies: Attack of the Radioactive Thing, and how you can upgrade it.

How to Get the M.A.D.

The M.A.D. is Attack of the Radioactive Thing’s new Wonder Weapon, and unlike previous Wonder Weapons, it can actually only be obtained by playing the Magic Wheel. This means you may not get it on your first try, which may require you to play the Magic Wheel multiple times to unlock it. Once you have the weapon, you can start using it to blast zombies away, but there’s more to this Wonder Weapon than meets the eye, and next we’ll show you how to upgrade it.

How to Upgrade the M.A.D.

Upgrading the M.A.D. requires you to find and collect a total of four different pieces, three of which will be used to add on to the M.A.D. and make it stronger.

The first thing you’ll want to do is head to the motel and look for the crowbar near the blueprint table. Pick it up (you’ll need a spare weapon slot) and then you’re ready to get started. We’ll be using this crowbar to break open several boxes around the map, which will reveal the other three pieces you need to add to the gun in order to upgrade it.

The first piece you can find is in a fuse box outside of the restroom in the RV Park. Use the crowbar to break open the box, and then with the M.A.D. equipped and being held, pick up the Grip inside.

The second item, the Plunger, can be found inside a fuse box behind the Gas Station. Make your way to this area, find the box, and bash it open to obtain the item inside. It can also only be equipped when you have the M.A.D. in your possession.

The third and final item that you need to upgrade the M.A.D. can be found inside a fuse box outside of the TV Studio. Locate the box on the wall, and hit it with the crowbar to open it up. Then, with the M.A.D. equipped, pick up the Crank inside to finish upgrading the M.A.D. Now it should be even stronger!

Now that you know how to obtain and upgrade the M.A.D. it’s time to learn how to unlock the Pack-a-Punch! We also have a really handy guide on where you can find the Cleaver, which is a great melee weapon that one hit kills zombies up to Wave 10!

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