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Link’s Awakening Wind Fish Egg Maze Guide

by Ginny Woo

The Legend of Zelda games have always prided themselves on their dungeons and puzzles, and the recently re-released The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is no different. There’s plenty of dungeons to traverse and to stuck your little green cap into and if you don’t fancy yourself a puzzlehead, then some of these can be pretty difficult. Check out our guide which will help you tackle the Link’s Awakening Wind Fish Egg maze that shows up in the final section of the game. 

Link’s Awakening Wind Fish Egg Maze Guide

If you’re confused by what on earth we’re actually talking about, it just might be that you haven’t quite hit that point in the game yet. Double back and keep playing before you hit this guide up. However, if you’re clued in and you’re at the Wind Fish Egg then by all means, keep reading. Just as a brief recap, you’re going to have to have fulfilled the following criteria to access the maze in question:

  • Been to the Mabe Village library
  • Noted down the black book’s directions
  • Come to the Wind Fish Egg
  • Fallen into the in the third room of the Wind Fish’s Egg
  • Headed one room north into the area with four doors in the cardinal directions

Remember when we told you to note down the directions from the black book in Mabe Village? This is basically where your navigational task begins. The good news is that getting the black book is pretty easy: when you’re in the Mabe Village library (the stone architecture by two kids playing ball), just hang right and you’ll see it practically begging you to take it off the shelf. You’ll also need a Magnifying Lens to read the directions which you can get from the trading up amongst the various island inhabitants. 

The thing is, it’s not a one directions fits all policy. It’s different from playthrough to playthrough, which means that we don’t actually have a set path that will work for you: you’re going to have to note your own specific directions down from the book and use those to get through the Link’s Awakening Wind Fish Egg maze. Want to know how we felt about the game overall? Check out our glowing review.

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