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Zarude Pokemon Sword and Shield Location and More

by Ginny Woo

With the Pokemon Day 2020 festivities in full swing across a whole host of Pokemon titles, it’s no surprise that Pokemon Sword and Shield has dropped quite the bombshell on us. There’s been teasing of a new Pokemon for weeks now, and it looks like the Nintendo team have finally decided to reveal it to all of us eager Galarian Trainers. Yes, we’re talking the new Mythical Pokemon Zarude in Pokemon Sword and Shield. It’s not all just Max Raids and Kanto starters here! Here’s what we know about where we think we might find it.

Zarude Pokemon Sword and Shield – Location and More

We’re learning about Zarude in the meantime, so bear with us and if you need a refresher, you can check out our general information about this Pokemon here. However, from some clips shared by Nintendo on Twitter and YouTube and elsewhere, we now know what this bad boy looks like. Zarude is known as the “rogue monkey” Pokemon and it’s a Dark and Grass Type. The special ability for Zarude which we’ve covered before is Leaf Guard, but here’s what it actually does: Zarude is going to get a bonus in Sunny Weather due to the fact that status conditions will roll off it like water off a duck’s back. Talk about handy! 

This is going to be one relatively large boy, so maybe abandon any thoughts about cradling it in your arms after a victory. In terms of where one can find a Zarude, it looks like they live in the heart of dense forests and that it will attack anyone that isn’t part of its pack, according to The Pokemon Company. It notes that the vines that it wears as wristwraps have a healing property, which suggests the potential appearance of a HP leech move in Zarude’s roster. However, until we find out more about its moves, it’s all just speculation at this point. We reckon that in terms of Zarude’s location, it’s pretty likely that we’ll find it in the Slumbering Weald just because of the description that’s been given by The Pokemon Company so far. Hopefully we have our guesses confirmed soon!

Now that you’re as clued in about Zarude in Pokemon Sword and Shield as we are, how do you feel about this new Mythical Pokemon? We definitely don’t expect it to be the last Mythical creature that graces the Galar Pokedex, but it definitely is an aesthetic-180 from the likes of Zamazenta and Zacian. We’re not sure if we’re super sold on the design right now but hey, we’re sure that this monkey will grow on us as we find out more from The Pokemon Company. Need a hand with anything else about Pokemon Sword and Shield? Check out these other tips and tricks that we’ve collated for Trainers just like you:

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