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Yooka-Laylee – How to Free the Pagie in a Cage in Hivory Towers

by Josh Hawkins

As players explore the main hub, Hivory Towers, in Yooka-Laylee, they’re bound to come across a Pagie trapped in a cage. Right from the start players will be unable to free this Pagie, as it requires a special move to be able to unlock the cage. In this article we’ll go over everything you need to know to free this Pagie from its cage in the Hivory Towers of Yooka-Laylee, and add it to your collection.

Get the Slurpshot Move

Many of the puzzles that you run across in Yooka-Laylee will require specific moves to complete, and the Pagie in a cage puzzle is no different. When you first pass this Pagie on your way to the first world, you’ll be unable to solve the puzzle. Don’t fret though, all you need to complete this puzzle and free the Pagie is to collect 30 Quills and purchase the Slurpshot move from Trowzer, the friendly snake salesman you who loves to sell you discounted moves.

Head into TribalStack Tropics and collect a total of 30 Quills. Once this is done, locate the large temple where Trowzer has set up shop. Here you can chat with him and purchase the first of a long list of moves which you’ll need to complete Yooka-Laylee. For the purpose of this guide, we’re going to recommend you purchase Slurpshot as your first move.

Solve the Puzzle

With Slurpshot added to your list of possible moves, head back out of TribalStack Tropics and into the hub world of Hivory Towers. Make your way back to the room with the Pagie in the cage. Once here, locate the fire flower off to the right of the Pagie’s cage. You can slurp up the petals of the flower, activating Yooka’s fire Slurpshot by pressing B on the Xbox controller.

Once you have the fire Slurpshot activated, head over to the signs and torches directly across from the Pagie. The trick to this puzzle is to spell out the word Pagie by lighting the torches in the correct order. You can aim your Slurpshots by pressing down on the Left Thumbstick on the controller. This will allow you to better decide where to spit out fire at. Aim at the torch with the P, and then light the torch. Now, continue doing this with the other torches until you’ve spelled out the word PAGIE.

After you’ve completed lighting the torches in the correct order, the cage will unlock and you can hop in and claim the Pagie for yourself. Congratulations on solving the first of many puzzles on your journey to reunite all the Pagies and stop Capital B from taking over the world.

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