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Yooka-Laylee – All Pagie Locations in Hivory Towers

by Josh Hawkins

If you want to 100% all of Yooka-Laylee and collect every item in the game, you’re going to need some help. Like many of the older games that people grew up playing, Yooka-Laylee is loaded with hidden items and collectibles that may not be that easy to find. To help you on your quest to 100% the game we’ve put together this handy article that will pinpoint the location of every Yooka-Laylee Pagie in the Hivory Towers hub area.

Keep in mind that some Pagies may not be accessible the first time that you see them, and you may need to return at a later time—once you’ve acquire new skills—in order to unlock the Pagies and add them to your collection.

All Pagie Locations in Hivory Towers

There are a total of 20 Pagies for players to find and collect inside of the Hivory Towers hub area. Keep in mind that this area is massive, and you’ll be visiting it multiple times throughout the game, so you may not be able to collect every Pagie the first time that you see it.

Pagie #1

The first Pagie in Hivory Towers can be found just as you enter the area. Look for it sitting on top of the Capital B statue. There are several platforms that you can jump around to in order to get up to it.

Pagie #2

Players can nab the second Pagie just before they reach Tribalstack Tropics. It’s locked inside a cage, and you’ll need the Slurp Shot skill to unlock it. Once you have Slurp shot, eat the fire seeds nearby, and then light the torches to unlock the cage. You’ll need to spell out the word ‘Pagie’ to unlock the cage.

Pagie #3

The next Pagie is stuck in a heat pipe above the Grand Tome that leads to Tribalstack Tropics. You’ll need the Reptile Rush skill to get to the top of the red pipe on the side. Once you’re there, run down the pipe and grab the Pagie. Just make it quick, as the fire will hurt you.

Pagie #4

Once you have the Slurp Shot skill, return to the room with the Capital B statue and use the water seed to put out the fire in the room, and then collect the Pagie beyond it.

Pagie #5

The next Pagie can be found near the entrance to Glitterglaze Glacier, inside the Archives. Look for a glass wall, and then head through the left door, up to the next level, through the right door, and into the adjoining room where you’ll find another door to the right. If you go through the doors correctly, you’ll exit where the Pagie is and be able to nab it.

Pagie #6

Jump on top of the snow-covered pipes above the Grand Tome that leads to Glitterglaze Glacier in order to nab this Pagie.

Pagie #7

Once you have the Glide skill—check out our guide on how to get all the skills for help—return to the area near Glitterglaze Glacier and look for this Pagie being blown about between two pipes. Use the Glide skill to nab it.

Pagie #8

Continue past the area where you found the last Pagie and make your way beyond several INEPT robots to find a barricade blocking access to a beehive. Use your Slurp State skill to become sticking and then race your way to the end of the path and up the slope to find this Pagie at the top.

Pagie #9

The next Pagie can be found inside of the Shipwreck Creek area. Follow our guide on how to help Blasto the cannon to find out how to get it. You’ll need the Buddy Slam skill to get this Pagie.

Pagie #10

This Pagie can also be found inside of the Shipwreck Creek area. Roll up the steep ramp in the back of the area to find a cliff that you can climb along until you reach a spinning platform that holds this Pagie.

Pagie #11

The eleventh Pagie in Hivory Towers is found in the Waterworks area, near the entrance to Moodymaze Marsh. Look out for this Pagie inside of a cage underneath the water. You’ll have to get the Bubble Walk skill to grab it. Once you have the skill, activate the button nearby, and then race underwater to pass through a series of checkpoints that will unlock this Pagie at the end.

Pagie #12

Slam down on the button next to this Pagie in a cage near Moodymaze Marsh to unlock it and add it to your collection. You will need to chase after it, though, so be ready for a run.

Pagie #13

Look for this Pagie locked up near a security camera close to Moodymaze Marsh’s Grand Tome. You’ll need to get to the Pagie without triggering the cameras, which can only be done once you have the Camo Cloak skill.

Pagie #14

This Pagie is found in the Novel Hovel room, close to the Capital Cashino Grand Tome. Head outside from the Grand Tome and take a right. From here head up to Vendi and use the nearby platforms to reach the upper section of this particular area. Now you should be inside of a room filled with six massive books that you have to push around to trigger the correct buttons. A short chime will play when you put the right book on its button. To easily solve this puzzle use the solution provided below:

Starting from the left, the books should be close, far, far, close, far, close. (Note: “far” and “close” describe how near the entrance each book is.

Pagie #15

The fifteenth Pagie can be found by using the Reptile Rush skill against the books just outside of the Capital Cashino entrance area. Knock down the books like dominos, and a button will be pressed at the end, triggering a door near to open and reveal a Pagie.

Pagie #16

The next Pagie is found inside of Rextro’s Arcade, near the Archive. You’ll need to smash the arcade’s glass wall with the Sonar ‘Splosion skill to grab it.

Pagie #17

Make your way to the area near the Grand Tome that leads to Galleon Galaxy to find the next Pagie. You’ll have to use Flappy Flight to enter a pipe across from the Grand Tome. Once you are through the first door, race down the track that is made of lasers and other obstacles. This area may take a few tries to complete, so don’t become frustrated if you fail to get it on the first time. If you can make it to the end, you’ll earn this Pagie and some bragging rights.

Pagie #18

This next Pagie is found by making your way through the gas-filled pipe just before the security door that leads to Capital Cashino. Use the Sonar Shield skill to stay alive and make it to the end of the tunnel and claim this Pagie.

Pagie #19

The second to last Pagie in this area can be found high up in a corridor just before the security door that leads into Capital Cashino. Use Flappy Flight to get to the top of the sludge-filled tunnel, and then head inside a small hole with several butterflies around it. To free the Pagie inside you will need to pop the balloons and then spell out the word ‘Pagie’ with the letters that they drop.

Pagie #20

The last Pagie in Hivory Towers can be found outside of the Grand Tome that leads to Galleon Galaxy, just before you enter the courtyard that has the elevator. You should see a massive door with a very large fan at the end, and a Pagie tied to a rope. You will have to use the Reptile Rush skill to reach the Pagie at the end, all while avoiding INEPT robots that spawn in the back of the area.

Now that you know how to find all the Pagies in Hivory Towers, make sure you know how to find all the Power Extenders in Yooka-Laylee as well.

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