Xenoblade Chronicles Secret Areas Location, Where to Find Them

There are tons of secret area locations hidden in Xenoblade Chronicles. Here's how to find all 18 of them as well as how to unlock them.

Like any true open-world RPG, Xenoblade Chronicles is filled with tons of different secret areas that players can visit to earn special rewards, complete side quests, and more. As you might expect, since these areas are fairly lucrative, they can also be tough to find. So, in this guide, we are going to explain where to find all of the secret area locations in Xenoblade Chronicles.

Where to Find All the Secret Area Locations in Xenoblade Chronicles

There are a total of 18 secret area locations in Xenoblade Chronicles that are hidden within the 11 main areas. Some locations will only have one secret area while others will have multiple. In the table below, we’ve detailed all of the secret area locations, including which main area they can be found in and some brief tips on where to find and how to unlock them. 

Main Area/Secret Area

Where to Find:

How to Unlock:


Main Area


Seven Sage Cloister

You’re looking for a platform that overlooks Agniratha. It can be accessed through a locked door in the Data Center

Players must:

-Complete all quests in Agniratha

-Find the Cloister Key in the Capital Control Terminal

Bionis’ Leg

Main Area


Believer’s Paradise

Located in the upper level of Bionis’ Leg east of the Zax Guidepost

Accessible during the second part of the “With Even More Gratitude” quest

Observation Platform

Located in the upper level of Bionis’ Leg near the cliff at Daksha Shrine

Defeat high level monsters

Eryth Sea

Main Area


Faras Cave

Inside of a cave in Eryth Sea south of Hovering Reef 9

No special requirements

Ether Mine

Main Area


Glowmoss Lake

Found on the bottom floor of the Ether Mine

Defeat enemies

Fallen Arm

Main Area


Distant Fingertip

Found on top of Digit 2 on Fallen Arm, climb the wall near the end of Digit 2

Players will go here during the “For My Loved One” quest

Makna Forest

Main Area


Divine Sanctuary

Follow the path south of Waypoint Beacon

No special requirements

King Agni’s Tomb

Located near the pod landing site, southwest of Valak Pass

Complete Lupa’s quests

Seahorse Islet

Tiny island near the waterfall of Great Makna Falls

Players will go here during the “Challenge of the Sage” quest

Sparkling Pool

Climb the large tree at the Eks Watering Hole

No special requirements

Mechonis Field

Main Area


Great Battle Scar

Located on the edge of Mechonis, it’s a giant drop off

No special requirements

Machina Refuge

Located on the fourth floor of Mechonis Field. To reach it, make your way across the last platform of the Great Battle Scar

Defeat five Machina

Satorl Marsh

Main Area


Shining Pond

Follow the path in Dark Swamp which leads towards Satorl Marsh

Players will go here during the “Mementos of a Lost Son” quest

Sword Valley

Main Area


Monado Wound

Located west of the Ether Storage area, won’t be hard to find

No special requirements

Tephra Cave

Main Area


Bafalgar Tomb

Found on the first floor of Villa Lake, will be a blocked area until you meet the requirements

Complete the “Mechonis Core” quest

Heavenly Window

Found on the third floor of Tephra Cave

Complete the “Mechonis Core” quest

Valak Mountain

Main Area


Befalgar Pedestal

Located in the upper region of Valak Mountain

Players will go here during the “Valak Mountain Research” quest

Three Sage Summit

Head to Zokhed Pass and then go west, follow the second incline towards the waterfall. Melt some ice then continue west along the path

Players will go here during the “Final Giants’ Ruins” quest

As you can see, there are a lot of secret area locations in Xenoblade Chronicles that players can find. It’s also worth noting that the list above is in alphabetical order and doesn’t reflect the order that you’ll come across the secret areas in the game. However, you should have enough info here to get a good idea of what you need to do to find each location.

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