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WWE 2K16: MyCareer Mode Tips, Create a Wrestler

by Prima Games Staff

WWE 2K16 comes jam packed with a roster of over 100 different superstars, including classic favorites like “Macho Man” Randy Savage and The Ultimate Warrior, as well as newcomers like Finn Balor.

In addition to the impressive lineup, you also have the option of putting yourself into the mix using the MyCareer mode, building a wrestler from scratch to stand up against the likes of John Cena and Seth Rollins.

If you run into trouble or don’t understand this mode, we have tips for creating wrestlers in WWE 2K16.

Building Attributes

One of the first things you’ll be able to do after designing your character is assign attributes, of which there are many to choose from, including Running Offense, Reversal Offense, Aerial Offense, Power Submission Defense, Strike Reversal and more. While you may think building up your wrestler with a lot of offensive moves is the way to go (particularly if you enter Suplex City with Brock Lesnar), don’t forget defense plays a big part as well. Without defense, nothing will stop you from tapping out to a submission.

There are several key areas to focus on when it comes to assigning attributes, but the key involves making offense and defense even. Reversals are excellent when you’re up against an aggressive opponent, as you can turn the tide and fight back with your own offensive moves. Try to level up strike and aerial reversals as much as you can, as well as Power and Technical Submission Defense. You’ll thank us later when you’re breaking out of John Cena’s STF.

By adding points to Momentum, it’ll be easier to get your Signature and Finishing moves, which can turn the match in your favor. You don’t need to focus on this too much because it builds naturally during a match, especially when you perform taunts with the d-pad. Adding some points, however, speeds up the process.

Offensive meters require balancing as well, and you want to focus on four key areas – Arm, Leg, Grapple and Running. Arm moves consist of punches, clotheslines and other maneuvers, and are good for powerhouse wrestlers who move a bit slower, like the Big Show. Leg moves are great for more athletic types like the Lucha Dragons, so save those for the smaller set. Grapple and Running, however, are good all-around moves, so level these up as much as you can.

When it comes to leveling up Durability, focus on key parts. Legs aren’t too much of a worry, save for matches where you get trapped in a figure four leg lock. Instead, strengthen up your head and/or body, as these are the most vital areas for submissions.

You’ll want to make sure you add plenty to Stamina. Without this, you’ll quickly get winded, leaving yourself open to enemy attack.

Finally, Pin Escape is optional, as the meter is fair enough in the beginning of a match to slip out of a pin. However, later on, you may regret not expanding this a little. Save a couple of points for it.

Choosing the Right Moves

Deciding what moves you want to use depends on style. If you go for more of a Lucha Libre grappler, for example, you’ll want to set up moves that make the most out of his or her speed and agility, like swift drop kicks or fancy grapples that leave an opponent down and out. Don’t worry so much about heavy strikes.

With bigger guys similar to Brock Lesnar, offensive strength moves are the way to go. This includes grapples, strikes and intense grab moves, including his Suplex City triple hit.

Then come the Signatures and Finishers. Try basic ones at first (like a flying elbow or a running clothesline), then mix things up with your wrestler to see what they offer down the road. Remember, effectiveness is far more important than showing off. Well, unless you’re Dolph Ziggler, of course.

Everyone Likes a Comeback Kid

Finally, we have skills, where you can assign special techniques to your wrestler. These are small touches that add personality, like being able to remove the turnbuckle to ram an opponent’s head into the exposed steel (thus taking a chunk off their energy) or becoming a better Springboard Diver from the top rope.

There are two that stand out here. The first is the Hammer Throw, a terrific move that can easily take off a chunk of energy when landed correctly. Unlock this as soon as you can.

The second is Comeback, which activates a mini-game where if you hit the right buttons, you can initiate a return to form in a match and surprise your opponent. Think Daniel Bryan getting back into “YES!” mode after being struck a few times, and you’ll get the idea. 

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