WoW Superbloom Guide and Rewards

Tamper with local ecology for fat loot

WoW’s new Emerald Dream zone is finally ours to explore, and it’s filled to the ferns with new activities and loot. A surefire way to get powerful gear each week is the Superbloom activity, so let’s take a look at how to participate and what rewards you can expect.

WoW Superbloom Location, Activities, and Rewards

To start the Superbloom, you’ll need to arrive at the Central Encampment at the top of the hour. When you’ve arrived, be sure to pick up the weekly quest Superbloom from the NPC Clarelle [51, 60]. simply park yourself near the horn icon on the map, which signifies the location of a sleepy Ancient you’ll be following around during the event.

Note: the Superbloom activity is only available to players who have completed the quest Emerald Welcome, which is the second in the chain of introduction quests to the 10.2 content. Check the link below if you need help getting started!

Once you’re at the location, just follow the large Ancient (tree) around as he marches on and completes activities to earn Bloom. Increasing the Bloom the Ancient has accumulated by completing activities with other players increases your reward payout at the end of the event, so be sure to pull your weight!

At the end of the Ancients’ path, you’ll be tasked with holding off an onslaught of Primalists and defeating a boss. Once that’s done, you’ll earn a Cache of Overblooming Treasures, which rewards:

  • A piece of 441 ilvl gear
  • 1000 Dream Wardens Reputation
  • A chance at an Epic or Rare Dreamseed

Subsequent completions of the Superbloom in the same week will give you 50 Dream Wardens reputation and a chance at more Rare Dreamseeds. If you’d like to know more about Dreamseeds, check out our guide!

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