WoW Dreamseeds Guide and Rewards: All New Pets and Mounts

Plant your own Giving Tree

WoW’s new Emerald Dream zone is flush with cosmetics, mounts, and pets to earn. The most direct way to get these new goodies is through a system involving Dreamseeds – earnable rewards that you’ll plant around the Emerald Dream and help fertilize for a chance at fresh, leafy-green rewards.

How to Get Dreamseeds in WoW

Dreamseeds are obtained in a variety of ways, and since there are three rarities, they differ slightly. Let’s look at each rarity, what you can earn from it, and how to get more.

Gigantic Dreamseed (purple) – can contain mounts. Obtained from Rare monsters (about a 5-8% drop rate), as treasure drops in the overworld, and some quests. One is rewarded for Renown with the Dream Wardens (rank 17) and can be purchased for 1,500 supplies a piece once you’re rank 20 with the Dream Wardens.

Plump Dreamseed (blue) – can contain pets. Obtained from Rare monsters (about a 30% drop rate), from some World Quests, and as quest and Dream Weaver Renown rewards.

Small Dreamseed (green) – can contain cosmetics. Obtained from Rare monsters (about a 50% drop rate), some World Quests, and as quest rewards.

How to Use Dreamseeds in WoW

To plant a Dreamseed for a shot at its rewards, first, you’ll need to make your way to a suitable patch of soil, which you can see on the map below:

Once you’re there, click on the patch of dirt to open the following menu:

As you can see, there are two ways you can contribute to the growth of the Dreamseed. Either by adding your own Dreamseed (for a chance at the rewards listed above) or by adding Emerald Dewdrops for a chance at crafting reagents or a single (rare) mount – the Reins of the Winter Night Dreamsaber.

Adding Emerald Dewdrops fills the bar in the middle of the menu, but you don’t need to do it all yourself! Simply contribute Dewdrops with players around you to increase the chances of better rewards. In addition to a shot at pets, mounts, and cosmetics, you’ll be granted Drake’s Dreaming Crests, reagents, and Flightstones for your efforts.

To get more Dewdrops, participate in the activities surrounding the Dreamseed while it blooms. Crushing weevils, plucking weeds, and killing Overgrown Lashers will all grant Dewdrops you can spend for better shots at rewards.

Remember: to get rewards from the Dreamseed itself, you need to contribute your own seed. You also cannot contribute a seed higher in rarity than the first one that’s been planted. Keep this in mind if you’re chasing the rewards in the next section!

Dreamseed Pet and Mount Rewards

The following Mounts are rare drops from the bounties rewarded for planting Gigantic Dreamseeds:

The following Pets are rare drops from the bounties rewarded for planting Plump Dreamseeds:

If you’re unlucky in getting the rewards you want, don’t sweat it! You can buy any mount or pet using one Seedbloom once you’re a high enough rank with the Dream Wardens. Seedblooms can be obtained once per week per character from the Blooming Dreamseeds weekly quest, which is obtained from Talisa Whisperbloom in the Central Encampment.

You’ll need a Renown of 11 with the Dream Wardens to buy pets, and a rank of 18 to buy mounts. I’d recommend saving your Seedblooms up in case you need them later!

And that just about does it for Dreamseeds! Remember, your best bet at farming these is to kill Rare Elites located around the Emerald Dream, so keep an eye on your map! Also, if you’re planning on planting a Gigantic Dreamseed, be sure you have enough Emerald Dewdrop (you’ll need 500) to fully fertilize it yourself! You don’t want to be left out to dry if nobody else shows up to help.

If you’re just getting back in the saddle, check out our guide on how to begin the Emerald Dream questline!

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