WoW: Dragonflight – How to Start Emerald Dream Storyline

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WoW’s new storyline, Guardians of the Dream, is live now, with multitudes of players finally entering the long-awaited Emerald Dream. If you’re keen to join the battle against Fyrakk and defend the fledgling World Tree, here’s how to begin the new storyline for yourself!

How to Get to the Emerald Dream in WoW

First thing’s first, this is endgame content, so you’ll need a level 70 character. You will also need to have completed the brief Fyrakk storyline, “Coalition of Flames” to begin, which begins with the quest Fire Season in Valdrakken. This is a brief, six-quest storyline, so don’t worry if you need to wrap it up first.

Once that’s done, you’ll receive the questline Call of the Dream, tasking you with heading to the new portal which leads to the dream – found in Ohn’ahran Plains. It’ll be flashing on your map, but you can check the location below as well:

Head there, and speak with Merithra, who’s standing just outside the portal. She gives you the option of watching a few refresher cinematics, but they’re optional. Once you’ve spoken with her, accept the new quest and head into the portal, where you’ll meet her at the location shown below:

And with that – congratulations! You have officially begun the Guardians of the Dream questline. With the new content, you’ll be rewarded a new Dragonriding mount, plenty of catchup gear, and a brand new Renown system with the Ancients of the Emerald Dream. The new zone is a fully-fledged Dragonriding zone with tons of new content and secrets to explore.

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