The Faerie Dragon in World of Warcraft spreading its Monarch Butterfly wings as it flies through the emeral ddream.

All Customization Options for WoW’s New Dragonriding Mount Coming in 10.2

Dreaming of drakes

It was announced a while back that we’d be able to Dragonride throughout the brand-new Emerald Dream zone coming to WoW this fall with 10.2, but this opened the door to the following obvious question: are we getting a new mount? The answer, apparently, is yes. Here are all the customization options for WoW Dragonflight’s new mount coming in patch 10.2

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How to Get WoW’s New Dragonriding Mount: the Flourishing Whimsydrake

Image via Wowhead

Look at this absolute boy. The Flourishing Whimsydrake is unlocked early in the 10.2 questline, as part of the introduction to the Emerald Dream. So you won’t have to do anything special besides have a level-capped character and show up whenever 10.2 drops, do a couple of quests, and it’s yours!

All Flourishing Whimsydrake Customization Options

We’re not only getting this.. beautiful new mount, but we’re getting a lot of customization options for it out of the box as well. Sourced from Wowhead, the customizations are as follows:


Neck Fins

Back Fins



Skin Color

Armor Color

Armor Type

As is typical for Dragonriding mounts, this is likely far from all the customization options we’ll see for this fella. Drakewatcher Manuscripts, which will probably be found in the Emerald Dream through quests or rare drops, will certainly offer more. Since Dragonriding is here to stay, it’s probably a good idea to invest in the appearance of your favorite mounts now, so you aren’t kicking yourself next expansion for not grabbing them when they were current.

Blizzard seems to be opening the door a bit on collecting and decking out Dragonriding mounts, with the other announcement that the Grotto Netherwing Drake would be obtainable outside the long-past Trading Post reward come 10.2. Sharkweek enjoyers rejoice. For more information on World of Warcraft, check out how to quickly gear your freshly-capped alts in WoW 10.1.7.

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