WoW October Trading Post Rewards

Ma hat. Ma cat. Ma pumpkin and ma bat.

It’s spooky season, and despite the floods and unseasonably warm weather battering the better part of North America we’re going to get into the spirit with some suitably Halloween-themed Trading Post rewards. What’s on offer this month? A much-requested broom, some spidery Death Knight armor, and much more.

Notable October Trading Post Rewards and Prices (2023)

First up, we have the customary “mount and pet” premium offerings for this month. One is a recolor of a Legion mount, the Living Infernal Core, which had a drop rate of a whopping 1% from the last boss of the Nighthold. Funnily enough, this mount was datamined all the way back in 2016! The pet this month is an adorable rendition of Naxxramas boss Kel-Thuzad. Check these out below:

Dim Coldflame Core Mount – 700 Trader’s Tender

Lil’ KT Pet – 650 Trader’s Tender

We also have another smattering of class-specific items for Druids, Death Knights, and Demon Hunters this time around. The armor pieces cost 450 for a set, while the weapons are a slight bit more at 500 Tender for the lot:

Class Armor and Weapons – 450 (Armor) and 500 (Weapons) Trader’s Tender

October Trading Post Monthly Reward: Eve’s Ghastly Rider Mount

For filling out your Traveler’s Log this month and earning all the available Tender, you’ll receive the long-awaited Eve’s Ghastly Rider mount. Players have been begging for a broom that could be ridden year-round, rather than only during the Hallow’s End holiday event, and it looks like our prayers have finally been answered. There’s also a witch hat cosmetic available for 175 Trader’s Tender, if you’re looking to complete the look!

These aren’t all the items available this month, of course – I simply chose the ones I found the most notable. If you’re worried about missing an important item: don’t be. There’s precedent for items returning to the game after their time in the Trading Post, like with the Grotto Netherwing Drake, which is returning in patch 10.2.

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